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December 26, 2023

234 | Business Goals for 2024 and Reflection of 2023

2023 was not my norm…It was my first year as a mom-preneur. And though I don’t love that title. It’s a thing. It’s very real. And it took some trial and error. So, let’s dive in.

  • No revenue goal but a need to maintain
  • Biz + baby trial year (unexpectedly grow another one 🤣)

2023 was a year of essentialism and gaining clarity of biz and life NOW

Lots of tension and fog into gaining said clarity. Lots of 12 minute back and forth voice memos with colleagues and team members. Lots of INTROSPECTION.

Which led to:

#1 = 2-5 year goal of hitting 7 figures without using ads

  • me, Maddy, Paige, web team, open to other contractors


#2 = “One stop shop for health and fitness professionals”

Be the most helpful brand in my industry

  • EVERYTHING is filtered through these lenses.

2023 choices aligned with future goals and wins:

  • Trademark Built by Annie!
  • Trademark FitsPRO!
  • YouTube launched! (2,000 subs by end of year)
  • Channel reached monetization by end of year (tiny but a big deal)
  • Web platform creation (WE OWN IT ALL)
  • Secured CEUs for FitsPRO! (Higher incentive to buy)
  • able to step away from IG for TWO MONTHS (re: lower revenue but THE FREEDOM still)
  • Seamless launches – seriously so low effort and predictable. Almost felt disconnected to where I want to revamp some things in 2024
  • High rev to work ratio – terminated all 1:1 offers to make ROOM for working ON the business, and ways to generate more rev (see lower income this year but calculated choice).
  • >> Clarity in where efforts and energy should go

Overall 2024 goals, tasks and focuses:

No more sitting around and seeing how biz goes – that life just isn’t for me. Fine for a season, needed as I literally had NO IDEA what to expect.

So we make specific AF plans for 2024

  • List them in priority order (priority determined by ease, and also time – launches of certain things, seasons it makes sense to work on given projects etc).
  • We hold them LOOSELY
  • stable audience growth across IG and YouTube
  • No more live 1:1 (power hours, biz, fitness) – OPTIMIZE PASSIVE


  • Pp funnel – Masterclass & bonuses
  • Update FitsPRO Funnel
  • Free week of BBA through 3 Day Mob Guide
  • FitsPRO 2.0 – the scaling portal
    • Determine OUTCOME & MODEL (it’s a portal, but what’s the takeaway and timing/how often it’s launched). 
    • Self assessment leads to a track / action plan

Offer Specifics

Overall – we have a CAPTIVE CUSTOMER (buy multiple offers and become lifers)

FitsPRO wins:

3-5 FitsPROs per month with little to no marketing

People pay in full

PP wins and insights: High contrast to FitsPRO

Fastest buying cycle of any signature offer

Niche offer with the least competition

BBA wins

Client retention

Over six figure generation still

Security through:

  • 3 month minimum implemented
  • 12 month monthly payment plan added
  • Community added


  • I haven’t announced this… but we’re Implementing / trying a free week of BBA
  • We’re adding a programming workshop at some point
  • And a new business offer

We also have sprint sales throughout the year and November – Bday + Black Friday promo on the calendar. Overall optimizing profit and leaving less on the table.

2025 is AUDIENCE GROWTH as offer suite will be up to date with all new funnels established.

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