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January 16, 2024

237 | How To Set Yourself Apart as a “do it all” Online Coach

This episode is for my people. The people who go against the “be a master of one” narrative.

You can’t have more than one offer. You can’t have more than one ideal client or area of focus.

While I understand that perspective and the truth in it (I mean I have an Ideal Client Avatar download and a Know Your Niche content guide), I also think it’s misunderstood in the online health and fitness industry.


Clarity breeds confidence. Confidence in your offer, how you help, who you help, how you got to where you are and why you take the approach that you do. If you can gain clarity in these areas, you’ll be far more likely to TALK about them – in your content, in sales, in all the places it likely matters. And THAT, I assume, may even lead to more revenue for you. Which you need. Because you own a business.

You don’t have to CHOOSE nutrition OR mindset OR training.

It you DO need clarity on HOW you do those things and how to differentiate yourself from competitors.

Some of this will happen, naturally, if you are building a personal brand. Someone may literally choose to work with you, because of your music preferences, that you share, or other pieces of your life that are intertwined into your online presence. 

But you do need to be clear on the business side of things and your actual methods. As a byproduct, you will likely become more confident in talking about your offers, and how you help people. It’s a win-win. 

So, if you feel like you do it all, just like everybody else, and you don’t know what sets you apart, hopefully today’s episode can lead you to a bit more clarity. Or at least how to find that clarity in your own time.


3-5 core values.

May overlap with personal values.

Drive behaviors – ACTION.

What do you believe – in general and in terms of you approach as a coach?

Philosophy IS a massive piece of health and fitness. Take my long haul mentality for instance. That is not a value, but a belief, based in a value I am sure. Of what? Maybe tied into efficacy. One of our core values here at Annie Miller Concepts.

Free write or google some values. But DEFINE them.

Then after you list those values, ask WHY?

Answer that question.

Then paint a picture. What does that look like? How does that core value manifest itself in your approach to health and fitness, or in health and fitness in general? This needs to apply to your area of focus of course.

But considering this episode is for “do it all” coaches, it may be a more broad belief/picture and that’s fine!

Your values, as I’ve said, permeate everything. So, let’s get into that.


You have one. Whether you’ve written it down in a system, and on your sales page or not.

Today, you have no excuse. You now know you need to. 

WHAT IS YOUR APPROACH? Is there a series of steps you take every client through?

Many of you work with clients 1:1. That’s great and each of their protocols can be individualized, but HOW DO YOU GET TO THAT PROTOCOL?

That’s my question. If you’ve never considered your method, CONSIDER IT NOW.

FIND IT, carve it out. It exists.

You may not have a coined method. But can you define pieces of your coaching approach more clearly? Can you give them phases? Or names? What does your coaching include? What are all the pieces and why do they matter? What do they do?

Ask all these nitty gritty questions to find the answer of what sets you apart.

You should have a pretty good idea if you answer these honestly.

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