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February 10, 2021

3 Mistakes Online Health and Fitness Professionals Make

3 mistakes online health and fitness professionals make with Annie MIller

Becoming an online health and fitness coach can seem like a fairytale (especially in pandemic, 2020 and 2021 times). And while becoming an online health and fitness professional has it’s perks…it comes with some pretty common misconceptions – even blindspots. I’ve been in the online space since early 2015 pretty seriously. The mistakes never change. I made them, and others, years later, continue to make them as well.

Today’s post will not rid you of all missteps in running your online business. No, no. You’ll trip and stumble in your own way. But I hope that bringing these common mistakes to light saves you some time and energy along the way!

Annie Miller shares entrepreurial mistakes

Three Mistakes Online Health and Fitness Professionals Make

The mistakes below are not the only mistakes I’ve seen or made myself but they are some big, and common ones. Fixing these also has the potential to make SIGNIFICANT CHANGES in your biz.

#1 – Not niching down

I knoooooowwww everyone tells you to niche down. But what does that even mean?

Well, there are a grip of coaches in the online world. There’s a lot of messaging out there – a lot of info, and a lot of programs. So let’s ask two questions:

  • What makes you different?
  • Who are you here to serve?

Those two questions work together to build your brand, your messaging, and definitely your offers. Having clarity in these two areas also makes fixing mistake #2 much easier…

#2 – Not spending enough time building an audience

Alright. Let’s say you’ve made your offer, and you’re ready to sell it…Ehmm…might I ask, who exactly are you selling to?

Have you built a community of humans who are ready to buy because you’ve provided copious amounts of free value for months or years?

Have you developed a solid “lead pool” who trusts you? Have you build up a waitlist or general mailing list so you can gauge level of interest in your said offer or service?


Do you need thousands of people before you sell? Certainly not. But you do need an audience who you’ve established trust with and who are engaged with your content.

You do this through:

  • Consistently providing value on one or multiple platforms.

#3 – Not understanding + practicing authentic sales

If there is one thing that trainers and online coaches suck at, it’s sales. I don’t care if you use sales calls, sales funnels, email marketing or live launches to sell your service. But in the name of all things Holy you better understand the ins and outs of SELLING if you want to make MONEY.

Selling “feels gross” for a lot of people. That’s likely because you associate “sales” with a used car salesmen or the MLM cold DM “hey girl” messages on the gram. Barf.

Let me tell you, THAT AIN’T IT.

If you want to feel good about sales, there are layers to unpack. But selling from an authentic standpoint, in my opinion, makes a world of difference.

Things you need to know in your sales process:

  • Who is the audience? Do you know your ideal client? Download my ideal client avatar creator here.
  • Do you know the ins and outs of your offer? The outcome? The process?
  • Remember that you’re not convincing people to buy from you. You’re only selling to humans who are a great fit for your program.

Focus on getting clear on these things so that your messaging is clear no matter which sales route you take. Clear transparent messaging leads to an empowered buyer. And THAT is the goal.

If you’re looking to build an authoritative + authentic biz online, create an Instagram strategy or figure out your ideal client – then I can help. Scope out the biz programs here!

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