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February 11, 2019

5 Mistakes You’re Making on Instagram + How to Fix It

#1 Posting for YOU

Let’s make something clear. If you are on instagram to build a brand or work with other brands hoping to make some mula, then you are NOT posting for YOU. You are posting to build and serve YOUR AUDIENCE. Yes, share your stories, your findings, and your philosophies or fav products. But do this with the intent to HELP solve a problem for OTHER PEOPLE. You are adding joy, ease, a solution of some kind. Maybe you’re making a pain point a little less painful, or answering a question you know they want answered. No matter your area of expertise, the focus of your post needs to be THEM, not YOU. Take a peeksy at your posts. How many times do you say “I” versus “you?” Try switching up the conversation. Talk about their problems and how YOU understand + can help solve them.

And before you push “Share” on a post you’re about to birth into the insta-world, ask “who is this helping?” If it’s just you posting to get attention or for no reason at all, take a step back and re-work it.

#2 Not having categories

It is so helpful to have 3-5 categories you post about. This provides direction + structure when you’re feeling unmotivated or overwhelmed. Your audience DOES NOT see every post. Don’t be afraid to visit the same subject over and over and over with a new twist or from a new perspective. I could easily make 15 posts just on the hip thrust. Shoot, it’s THE ONLY thing Bret Contreras posts about, and he seems to be doing rather well for himself.

Having a set of categories also helps you hone in on what you’re KNOWN FOR. You want people to think of you in association with your expertise, with your categories. So what are they? Do some brainstorming. They can be things like education, tutorials, behind the scenes, video, product sharing. Whatever it is YOUR clients need, that’s what you need to post about.

 #3 Inconsistency

This is HUGE. If you cannot be consistent, stop now. You have already failed. But I am being serious. People need to know, like and trust you. Consistency allows your audience to depend on you. They see that they can trust you to show up, and connect with + help them. It’s not a secret that consistency is key to success with MOST things in life. You can decide how often and at what times you post. I suggest showing up in your IG stories almost daily. People spend A LARGE amount of time in stories. Your stories make you REAL. Stories are an amazing place to NOT have a highlight reel, rather to show the behind the scenes, to be yourself and REALLY let your audience into your life. That is vulnerable AF, and will expedite the trust with your people.

To my knowledge there is not hard evidence with the algorithm and how often you should post. So if you’re just starting, I always suggest posting often (everyday, even twice a day). But if you’ve been in the game, it’s more important that your posts lead to INTERACTION, saves, comments, and swipes. This is what you need for IG to understand that your people value you, and that more people will like your content.

Also, interact with people you want to be in relationship with. AKA me, stocking Jenna Kutcher always. Please. Be. My. Friend. Someday…

#4 Neglecting interaction

If you’re not willing to interact or pay someone to interact on your behalf, prepare yourself for SLOWWWWW GROWTH, if any at all. Instagram in it’s organic form is an interactive platform. You NEED to use IG in it’s organic form. Hillary Rushford teaches the like like comment tactic. Search hashtags you ideal client is searching. Go to those posts, and interact. This way, your ideal client is seeing you and getting familiar with your IG handle (name). Then go to the accounts that are commenting on these posts, and INTERACT with your ideal client! Like their posts, comment.

When people comment on your posts, COMMENT BACK! Encourage people to DM you from your posts and stories. TELL PEOPLE TO INTERACT WITH YOU! This is vital in building community, know, like, and trust, as well as letting IG know that these people WANT to hear from you.

#5 Lacking and under-valuing authenticity

Girl, if you’re not going to be yourself, you’re seriously missing out on connection, knowability, and the emotional strings needed for your ideal client to eventually purchase from you. Your silliness, sassiness, nerdiness, intensity, loudness, it’s all how your audience gets to TRUST YOU and YOUR BRAND. What makes your brand unique, even if you are not the face of your brand? Hone in on that.

Back to the IG stories – authenticity is refreshing to your audience. Guarantee it. They are surrounded by a world that has fakeness and highlight reels everywhere. Show them that you get it, that they aren’t alone, and you and your brand are REAL.

This requires vulnerability and the potential to put some people off. But that’s okay. You’re not for everyone. Stand for what you stand for (as long as it’s appropriate for your biz), and be real with your people. They will appreciate it more than you know. And they will become raving fans who turn into paying clients.

I could go on for days about how to do the instagram life, but these are great places to start and I hope this was helpful for you.

Make sure to TAKE ACTION my friend. Knowledge without action is pointless.

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