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November 2, 2022

7 Must Have Apps For Online Health Business Owners

7 Must Have Apps For Online Health Business Owners with Annie Miller

While the world of online health and fitness business is booming, and more accessible than ever before; it also doesn’t come with an owners manual. Choosing and finding apps that will make your life easier versus wasting your time can be quite the task. Today I am sharing seven of my most needed apps in running a nearly seven year old multi-six figure health and fitness business.

1 | Canva

When I say my life lives in Canva, I am not exaggerating. I believe people make things more difficult than they need to be. And in the same breath, they jump ship too early because sticking around to find their groove. This is the most true with Canva. If you have an online business, you need to learn to use Canva. There is a way it can work for you. I use Canva to:

  • Create social media posts (pinterest, IG graphics, reels, stories, podcast graphics)
  • Design workbooks for all my courses and resources (I choose “presentations” or “flyers” and just build from there – at this time canva does not have full blown “workbooks” but you do still have options!)
  • Draft up graphs and diagrams for work, content or programs
  • It’s a one stop shop for design. It’s cheap for PRO and extremely user friendly. It can straight up change your life and save you time IF you’re willing to dink around long enough to find your go to templates and designs.

2 | Notes

I joke that if someone took my notes app away my life would most certainly fall apart. At the time of writing this post, I have…wait for it…578 notes.

I know. I know. But my notes app IS MY BRAIN. I kid you not, it’s where I organize and create most things. That is because it is easy and accessible, so I use it. I draft social media posts, plan launches, draft podcast episodes, write blogs, brain dump, journal, keep client notes. It’s all organized in folders. But clearly…578 is no joke. I’d love to know the total word count on my notes app. Or not. It’s either impressive or embarrassing.

If you’re not using your notes app, give it a go. See what works best for you! I love that it is searchable. So I can legit find a caption I wrote in 2018 if I need to (which I absolutely did the other day).

3 | True Coach

The best app in my opinion for delivering group and 1:1 individualized program design. My personal preference is that it’s easy to use as a trainer and has the best CLIENT EXPERIENCE on their end. That is incredibly important considering you likely won’t be building out your own fully functioning, customized app any time soon.

You can save and I can save if you sign up via my link. I am not “sponsored” by them. This is a general referral code that all users get if paying to use True Coach.

True coach is also a customer first app – meaning they actually listen to and make updates based on the needs of their clients (us, the coaches). Their customer service is great, and make it simple to set up and use as a coach.

4 | Moonclerk

I get asked about payment platforms more than you might think. To be clear, most services like True Coach or Thinkific (course hosting platform) have a payment option. And most of these, much like Moonclerk link to STRIPE. So what’s most relevant here, and pertinent to you, is to have a Stripe account. That account can then integrate with nearly any other platform you might want to use in your coaching practice. I personally love Moonclerk because it’s user friendly, can be embedded on your site, includes terms and conditions boxes, and customizable payment plans for clients. You can multiple forms for one product. And because it functions through Stripe, all invoicing and tracking for clients is still all in one place even if I use other platforms that integrate with stripe. It’s a win win.

5 | Google Drive

Specifically drive, docs and sheets. These are best used as sharable documents and folders – whether it be to deliver a program, resource, to track systems, or edit needed pieces of information with an employee. Another plus is that these live wherever you have service or wifi, and can be downloaded at anytime to store them somewhere else if need be.

6 | Final Cut PRO

People ask all the time over on instagram how I edit my videos. While I do make a lot of video live in reels or on the gram, I prefer Final Cut PRO. It’s more professional, I can speed things up, add more digestible and punchy text, and images if I like. To put it frankly, it’s an actual video editing app. You can customize nearly anything you like. I have personally used FCP in my program videos and content since 2018 and much prefer it to iMovie. It can be overwhelming at first. But like anything, once you get the hang of your “go to” features, it makes your life way easier in terms of content creation. And I believe, takes your content to the next level.

7 | Click Up

I would use click up even if I didn’t have an assistant. It’s worth the organization abilities in my opinion. But it’s especially useful if you have a team of people or even two people who need to be on the same page. You can track daily, weekly, and monthly recurring tasks, as well as brainstorm big projects and upcoming events. I have clients who also use click up to set up and integrate their automations. For instance a client fills out a form, or application, and this triggers a tracking and email sequence that then assigns the appropriate tasks to the appropriate people in click up. Pretty freaking sweet if you ask me.

Determine what you need in the way of CRM and task management first, then decide if click up is necessary.

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