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October 27, 2021

Are Your Glutes ACTUALLY Asleep?

Are your glutes actually asleep with Annie MIller

In the world of physical therapy, chiropractic, and personal training, professionals love to use phrases like:

  • “Your glutes don’t work”
  • “Your glutes don’t turn on”
  • “We need to activate your glutes”

It’s not all bad. And it’s not all a complete lie. Professionals mean well. Though, words still matter. And I don’t believe these phrases build client efficacy which is one of my core values here at Annie Miller Concepts.

Perhaps they really mean to address one of the following:

Actual weakness in the glute med, min, or max (you need to strengthen your glutes – BUT THEY WORK).

Lack of “mind muscle” connection – aka you don’t feel them working. Placing your hand on the muscle you’re wishing to feel *can* help.

You need to train your glutes in a specific movement pattern. Maybe your adductors, hamstrings or another group are compensating, and you simply need to re-train the pattern with higher demand on the glutes.

Whenever my top girls (flyers) in cheerleading would break at the waist, I’d simply say “pinch a penny” or “squeeze your glutes.” They’d prop right up. That’s because your glutes are your primary hip extender.

So, please – if you get nothing else from this post, know that if you can stand up straight and walk with a normal gait, your glutes work. They’re not asleep or completely atrophied, or “turned off.” Unless there is literally a blockage in the neural connection between your brain and motor units. Not likely.

P.S. I don’t think coaches/PT’s are being malicious by using these terms. I used to use them too. I’m just providing some more *potential* context.

Have you been told this? Or said it? I’d love to know.

Here is a video pulled from IG to illustrate how this plays out:

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