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November 14, 2019

Best Instagram Spots on Koh Lipe

Annie Miller shares the best Instagram Spots on Koh Lipe


If you’re going to Koh Lipe and you have an Instagram account, praise the Jesus because you’re about to head home with ALL of the content for the ‘gram.

Paige, my branding photographer and biz bestie, spent two weeks with us in Thailand. During that time span, we spent five days on Koh Lipe. And three of those days were scattered with photoshoots – understandably so.

Annie Miller and Paige Major in Koh Lipe

Koh Lipe is small. Your mode of transportation will be your feet, or a wooden boat ride around the island. (I shared an entire travel guide to Koh Lipe last week – check it out here if you missed it!)

I am here to save you some time and give you some GO TO spots for your insta-game.

Things to note – if you’re looking to capture the gorgeous teal color of the water, you want to take photos when the sun is high, from 11-2. This is contrary to the magical, sought after golden hour. Just to give you perspective, below are two photos in the same area.

On the right is at 11am (water much brighter), on the left is during the golden hour. During the golden hour, the lighting might be amazing for my body, but the water is nowhere near the color you see on the right. And yes, that is with the color enhanced through editing. It was much more yellow before I turned down the yellows and brought out the blues. The golden hour is NOT for the water. So keep that in mind.

Annie Miller shares Instagram photo spots and tips in Koh Lipe

You can get the golden hour anywhere. You can’t get this water, on these beaches, anywhere. Feel me?

Here are your Instagram photo spots.

Pattaya Beach

Our hotel, the Mali Resort Pattaya Beach was right on…Pattaya beach. So this was an easy spot for us. It is also our fav beach of the island, so I suggest going here no matter what.

Grab a fun beach towel if you don’t have one. They make for a great prop.

Prance towards the gorgeous waters of Pattaya and let the wind catch your beach towel. Capture that carefree vacay feel you’re going for.

Annie Miller running on beach in Koh Lipe
Annie Miller and the clear blue waters of Koh Lipe

Or take a seat on the beach and let the white sand and teal waters do the work. Light matters. These were taken in the afternoon so the sun was to my right side.

Best Instagram Spots on Koh Lipe by Annie Miller
Annie Miller sitting on the beach in Koh Lipe

Grab a beverage and hit the beach…fake laugh your heart out or self timer that shit and cheers with your bestie.

Annier Miller on the beach in Koh Lipe
Koh Lipe, Thailand Travel Guide with Annie Miller on Sunrise Beach

Sunrise Beach

Sea La Vie Beach Bar

This beach bar is LIFE for the gram. Go from 10am to 2pm. You’ll likely be alone, and can have all the photoshoots you want.

The best Instagram spots on Koh Lipe by Annie Miller
The best Instagram spots on Koh Lipe by Annie Miller
Annie Miller and Paige Major on the beach in Koh Lipe

The waters of Sunrise Beach when the tide is in are G-G-G-GORGEOUS. As you can tell.

You could do some sexy pose on this tree, or sip a drink, or sit facing the water. Your options are truly endless. I am a goob, so I opted for jumping off onto the beach, filled with joy.

The best Instagram spots on Koh Lipe by Annie Miller

The Boats

Boats are all around the island. You can’t miss them.

The main points are from Pattaya Beach and Sunrise Beach. Just pay the nice man and have a friend snap pics of you looking off into the distance like you’re living your best life.

The best Instagram spots on Koh Lipe by Annie Miller
Annie Miller on a boat in Koh Lipe

Or, find the prettiest one, and stand by it on the beach. Both make for great photos.

Left is on Sunrise Beach, right is on Pattaya Beach. (pics below).

It is important to note that for photos like these standing ones, the boats have to be VERY close to shore.

The best Instagram spots on Koh Lipe by Annie Miller

Swings on Sunrise Beach

The swing pictured below is on the east end of Sunrise Beach and it is hung HIGH in a tree. I had to do a full on pull up to hoist myself onto the swing. I must say, I think it was worth it.

Annie Miller on a swing on Sunrise Beach in Koh Lipe
Annie Miller on a swing on Sunrise beach in Koh Lipe
Annie Miller on a swing on Sunset Beach in Koh Lipe
Annie Miller on a swing on Sunrise Beach in Koh Lipe

The second swing is toward the west end of Sunrise Beach. You can’t miss it if you just walk one end to the other. There are several swings around the island. Take your pic and strike your pose.

The best Instagram spots on Koh Lipe by Annie Miller
Swing on Sunrise Beach in Koh Lipe

The Basic Instagram Photos

Below you’ll find the basic IG photos that you see on Pinterest when searching for “beach photo ideas.”

They are catchy and fitting for social media. You do you.

Basic Instagram photo ideas in Koh Lipe
Basic Instagram photo ideas in Koh Lipe

Buy A $3 Floaty

Head over to walking street and invest in a little floaty with an adorable design on it. Having props can make photos more appealing and fun. It’s true. Try it if you don’t believe me.

All floaty photos were taken on Pattaya Beach.

Instagram Pics with a floaty in Koh Lipe
Instagram Pics with a floaty in Koh Lipe
Annie Miller with a floaty in Koh Lipe

Just Have Fun

You can take adorable photos all over the island. Like I said, there are little beach shacks on Sunrise and Pattaya beach, Like this one…

Koh Lipe, Thailand Travel Guide - Pattaya Beach - with Annie Miller

There’s not a ton to do on the island if you’re there for several days. So, if you’re looking to be an Instagram model for a day, here’s your plan.

Walk Pattaya Beach, get photos in the gorgeous water and on the beach (it’s the widest beach. Sunrise can get VERY small and taken over by water when the tide is in). Then hit up walking street and head over to Sunrise Beach. That’s where you’ll find the swings, boats and beach bars. All very picturesque. Just waiting for you to blow up the gram.

Love this? Already planning your trip to Koh Lipe? Pin these for later!

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