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November 21, 2022

Biggest Roadblocks I see for Trainers Transitioning Online

Biggest Roadblocks I see for Trainers Transitioning Online with Annie Miller

In the light of the pandemic, there has been a slew of coaches transitioning from in person to online. I can’t blame them. Online coaching has many perks. But it’s also a whole new world compared to working with clients in person.

I’ve been working with clients online since 2014 and coaching other professionals to do the same since 2019. Most of the gaps I see once a trainer transitions online happen to be in the area of sales and communication. It’s all about your ability to translate whatever you did in person, to the online space – with even more specificity.

Let the most common road blocks begin.

1 | Your messaging

What is your message and what hills do you stand on? Clarity on your message is something you’ll likely never stop refining as an entrepreneur and coach. That refinement takes place via reps – creating content and having conversations. Your ability to then portray that will lead to a more aligned audience of potential customers.

2 | Communication

Specifically in regards to sales and marketing. So many coaches are put off by sales. Or they think that sales calls are the only option. But sales is simply learning how to communicate. That communication becomes very uncomfortable and difficult if you lack clarity on your offer/service (whatever you’re selling). There is a reason that companies have full on marketing departments and people get marketing degrees. It’s a thing, and you need to learn to do it if you’re going to have a successful online business.

3 | Lack of confidence in program design

Aka lack of confidence in your process or service. I say program design because this is my area of focus and where I see most coaches struggle. They aren’t confidence in knowing that what they put on paper is going to WORK. And so that lack of confidence permeates their sales, offer and how they show up for clients. It’s a gap that needs to be filled in their process. Once this gap is filled and they feel confident in their ability to program to a client’s needs, sales confidence may also increase.

The hard truth is that if you’re not here for the process, you’re not going to make it in online health and fitness. Commit to the journey of CLARITY as a coach and entrepreneur. It will literally set you free, and make you more money. Your people OR the specific thing you teach – both can be a version of your ideal client. Download my free Ideal Client Avatar creator if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

Your process and approach as a coach is something you need to hone in on. Even if you haven’t defined this, you DO have one. Perhaps it needs to be refined. This is likely. But knowing it, will make selling much easier for you. Knowing both of those things will immediately improve your ability to communicate to your audience at large and potential prospects. Need more help?

Join my free on demand workshop – 3 steps to build a profitable online health and fitness business. What is or was your biggest struggle as a new coach? And are you in person or online?

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