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February 15, 2022

Full Squat Day [lower body workout with videos]

full squat day lower body workout with videos by Annie Miller

We call this a “squat day” because squats are the main lift. All accessory work following the main lift supplements the muscle groups used for squats – quads, hamstrings, glutes and adductors. The movement prep focuses on preparing for said patterns for the day.

You will never not see me doing these patterns. And you’ll likely see them in most of my programs. They work. As stated in the title, this is a squat dominant day – meaning hip, knee, and ankle joints opening and closing together.

Yay squat day

Let us start with movement prep (this takes place after a general warm up, and before the main lift). It includes core, mobility + priming the nervous system.

Movement Prep: Hip airplanes, Bulgarian rockbacks,

I don’t give you sets and reps here. But I hope you grasp the simplicity + logic behind the exercise selection and order. Whether you’re a coach or trainee, you can and *should* understand why you’re doing something. If nothing else, you have the right to ask.

Once your movement prep is complete, you’d move forward to the main lift and accessory work. In this case, back squats are the variation I chose for the large compound movement focus of the day.

Main lift: Back Squat

Accessory work:

Here we have some posterior chain work (thrusts), as well as back foot elevated split squats, and some core/adductor work to combat all that abduction these days with the glute gains train. Don’t neglect those inner thighs, my friend.

I chose to do the split squats and hip thrusts as a super set. I personally love these two movements together. It’s pairing a hinge and a squat pattern + getting in some unilateral work.

I end with Copenhagens done from a short lever (the knee) – these can also be done as a long lever (from the mid shin or foot). Long lever makes the exercise more difficult.

Intention. Purpose.

There are endless possibilities for program and workout design. No doubt. This is a single example of my personal style of programming. When looking at, or designing workouts, I like to think about the following:

  • Bilateral
  • Unilateral
  • Planes of motion (sagittal and frontal mainly)
  • Core/pillar strength

Much love. Do you have a favorite squat day accessory exercise?! Mine is obviously back foot elevated split squat. And don’t be afraid – it can be anything!

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