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February 16, 2022

142 | Lead Generation When You’re a New Online Coach

lead generation when you are an online coach

So you decide you want to start an online coaching business. I’m the online space we have the benefit of not being restricted to a locational demographic. But that is also a challenge.

At least if you’re brick and mortar is in South Bend, that’s where you’re finding your clientele. You can network with local companies, target the soccer moms or what have you.

Online, the world that has access to WiFi or data IS YOURS.

So in such a large pond, you’re not restricted BUT where the frick do you cast your net? How do you know where to look for humans?

Where do you find people who might want to pay you money for your service?

Let us discuss.

We throw around language like “attract” your ideal client.” That sounds great but HOW.

In short that is how you’re going to find and generate leads. Your messaging is step one.

We shall talk about three sections of this lead generation process, “attracting/finding” leads, generating them, and closing them.

You can absolutely build an audience and fail to convert any of them into clients. In fact I’d argue that’s more common than not.


Your words and content are going to lead to your humans finding YOU.

Between your messaging and generating leads, we have this tandem, overlapping section that is ORGANIC NETWORKING.

What I mean by this is you naturally interacting with those in your industry. You creating your “circle.” Now, please don’t think of this as a clique. This is business. This is networking, just in the online space. You share people’s content who compliment your area of focus or who you think would be of value to YOUR audience.

Whether they share your shit or not is not of your concern. That’s why I say “organic” – it needs to be organic. You keep your eyes on creating shareable and valuable content. Other professionals will share it from time to time too. Therefore potentially expanding your network and potential client pool.

Please keep in mind that 1% or less of someone’s audience are paying customers. Don’t worry too much about sharing the wealth or being competitively minded when it comes to networking. Most y’all’s people will never pay you a dime – perspective.

That leads us (pun intended) to the actual generation of leads.

You HAVE at least one human in your audience who you can serve. And you can practice these things from day one to expedite your lead generation.


Value value value. We must provide VALUE.

Doing mini trainings in your stories and providing very PRACTICAL ways for your audience to get 1% better is how lead generation begins.

Content like this might not go viral but it shows your audience what it’s like to work with you (for free). Eventually these people will reach out, and or apply to work with you because something you shared FOR FREE made a real difference in their life. Imagine what you can do from a paid standpoint!

Mini trainings or client case studies in your stories are a great way to do that. If you’re not on IG, then some other platform – short form video on YouTube or blogs pinned to Pinterest.

Bite size applicator content. That’s the focus for lead generation.

Note I have NOT said to cold DM people. Though that IS an option.

Getting people in the DM’s is a great way to start conversation and NOT ask for a sale. It’s a great way to establish trust and relationship.

I encourage people to DM new followers with a kind, no strings attached welcome message. Let them know where they find stuff, or what they can expect. But there is NO ask. You’re breaking the ice and expediting that possible lead generation.

So let’s say someone asks a question in your Q&A box or DM’s you. And it is regarding something you can help with via coaching or they’ve asked specifically about coaching.

Get people off the app

  • this does nothing if you don’t have a system in place for that lead to get on a list and in a secure place you can follow up from.

In a broader sense, that is always the goal – largely via mailing lists for more free content. We can sell more easily through email than we can long term through social media.

Maybe if DMs could be organized like an inbox it would be easier to follow up with leads. But safer to get them off the app anyway.

Ideally getting leads off the app looks like the following:


Application process (sales calls, sales page, application, follow up process).

How does someone apply to work with you?

You send them the application link through IG, or it’s in your bio.

Then what?

They read a sales page? Application? 

Do they schedule a call immediately? Do you receive the application then send a link for a call? 

In THIS process we can lose people.

Make sure you’re very clear about what they can expect from both the application process and the coaching with you.

The sales call should be a confirmation. Not a call where you pucker your left butthole the whole time, stressing in the back of your mind about the moment you have to drop the price.


Encourage DM’s, hone in on your own content creation process, remember that most your audience is NOT going to purchase from you, so have fun with it. Getting people off the app allows you to follow up with them later! And many sales are made in the follow up but this episode was about lead generation.

That happens through consistent content, aligned with your paid services, and you asking for the sale/for people to apply.

Increase that frequency if you’re not bringing the leads you’d like. 

Look at frequency of you selling, and your messaging. These two things can always be tracked and refined.

You won’t get more leads by doing nothing, yeah?

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