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November 14, 2023

Helpful Resources [links, course references, circle, podcasts, books]

Ahoy there – I need you to make sure you’re in our Pure PROgramming Community so that you can ask questions and access links as well as the community of other Pure PROgramming members like yourself.

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Access the muscle matrix google sheet here


Access the exercise matrix google sheet here


Helpful Podcasts

Consider this your immediate help line.

If you didn’t know, I host The FitsPRO Podcast – Your No B.S. approach to all things biz, fitness training, coaching, and more.

Lucky for you, one of the many topics I blabber about is programming & coaching. As applicable episodes are recorded, they will be added to this section so that you can stay up to date. If you find value, then I would love for you to subscribe to the podcast, give ‘er 5 starts and leave a review.

Honestly, the whole podcast is likely helpful for you, but these are some of the most applicable I believe.

Feel free to reference these any time you need throughout the course.

Much love.

The FitsPRO Podcast

127 | Simple Strength And Conditioning Tips & Considerations

In today’s episode, we’re covering simple strength & conditioning tips and considerations like muscular biases, cardio and lifting, menstrual cycle, limiting factors and more.

124 | To Explore Unorthodox Movements Or Not

In today’s episode, I want to explore all things movement, like bracing with a rounded spine, knees going over toes, strengthening the spinal erectors, and exploring end ranges, in general under load.

121 | How to Program For the Masses

This episode was inspired by answering several programming questions over on the gram. My audience seems to want to know what type of programming works for what type of client.

116 | Finding Your “Expertise” As A Coach In Online Fitness

We often hear coaches encourage people looking to build their business in the online health and fitness space to “ESTABLISH YOUR EXPERTISE.” I don’t think it’s wrong. But I do think it can feel unattainable. Or like “okay but how?” “Do I just pick something, and claim it as my expertise?”

112 | Exercise Programming Q&A Part 2

This is a two part series, answering programming questions from the gram – progression, assessments, exercise selection and more. In the previous episode, we covered 

107 | My 10 Go-To Exercises for Strength & Hypertrophy

When I traveled the world for a year, it was easy to throw together workouts when we’d get a gym membership or a drop in, because I know my GO TO exercises. Here they are in short, and then I’ll break down WHY I have chosen each one as opposed to other potential exercises.

105 | Training Split Examples & The Logic

To start off, a training split is simply what days you do certain categories of exercises on. And of course, how many days per week you lift is a huge factor within what you are going to do, or what you need to get done in the way of training on the days allotted to training.

099 | 5 Most Underestimated Movements for Strength Training

Today I plan to share with you 5 underestimated movements, and why I think they are effective AF when used properly.

93 | Fundamental Programming “Must Knows” Part 2

Do you even know what your programming is trying to do? Why a given set and rep scheme causes an increase in strength or muscle size?  These are very fair questions to ask. And in my opinion we should be able to answer them fairly easily. Things that will affect muscle fiber type recruitment and mechanical tension are load used, reps, tempo, and rest periods.

92 | Fundamental Programming “Must Knows” Part 1

Let’s make clear that you don’t learn programming from one freaking podcast episode, book, or blog post. It takes practice, trial and error and experience to become a proficient and confident programmer. So before we even get into the foundational must knows, I encourage you to embrace the fact that you have a blank slate to work with when it comes to writing programs.

Other helpful podcasts

080 | Relationship Between Error, Quality & Success (the success funnel)

The relationship I want to discuss today is one that I have lived. I have been aware of this but didn’t put an actual name to it until Dr. Sean Pastuch brought it to my attention during my appearance on the Active Life Podcast. And he said it came from Adee Cazayoux. I am not positive where this idea originated from, but it’s apparently called the “Success Funnel” and my plan today is to discuss my experience with this idea.

078 | How to Build a Reputation on IG without Exploiting Your Body

If I have been known for one thing on Instagram from day one until now, it is hands down, my reputation for not exploiting my body, but still providing value and growing an audience. It can be done my friends. This comes up often in my DM’s. How to grab attention, get interaction and grow without showing your butthole. That’s the goal today – to give you some legit ideas on how to make that happen.

067 | 3 Ways To Protect Your Time

Time is THE MOST important in my opinion. It’s one of the only things in life we don’t get back. I don’t say that to be dramatic, rather realistic. When it comes to relationships, goals, rest and anything valuable to you, I encourage you to focus on learning to protect your time. You have choices…

064 | Finding Your Place In Health & Fitness

I am coming at this from the perspective that some of you are trying to find your place as a coach and some of you are trainees. And I honestly think it’s beneficial for coaches to understand WHERE their clients are so they can meet them there. It can be SO HARD and take a long freaking time to feel like you belong in the health and fitness space. Whether it be online or in person. To really have a place and feel comfortable there. Not comfortable in a bad or restricting way, but like – really happy to take up the space that you do in this field.

Book Recommendations

In addition to this course content, check out these books if you’d like some extra reading 🙂

Ultimate MMA Conditioning Guide by Joel Jamieson

Rebuilding Milo by Dr. Aaron Horschig

Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe

Muscles to the Masses by Julie Read

Supertraining by Yuri Verkhoshansky

Any research done by Brad Schoenfeld, PhD – He, in my opinion has some of the most APPLICABLE literature for strength and hypertrophy training.

True Coach Link

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Access course google sheet of references (included cited studies and resources)

Access MLA Citations Google Doc

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