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November 14, 2023

Planning for Success & Course Topics

While this is “self-paced” (because that’s just how I roll), the content is set to drip out on a 13-week schedule, as follows:

Note: Modules are NOT aligned with a weekly drip. You’ll notice that a module might take 2-3 weeks to complete.

  • Immediate access upon enrolling in the course:
    • Intro modules
    • Module 1: 
    • Muscle Fiber Review
    • Muscle Hypertrophy & Atrophy
  • Start of week 2:
    • Metabolic Pathways  & Stress
  • Start of week 3:
    • Planes of Motion
    • Anatomy & Muscle Actions
    • Module 1 quiz
  • Start of week 4:
    • Module 2:
    • The purpose of programming & clientele
    • Assessments
  • Start of week 5:
    • Aspects of Programming (all possible factors in designing a program)
    • Module 2 quiz
  • Start of week 6:
    • Module 3:
    • Frequency & Training Splits
    • Module 3 quiz
  • Start of week 7:
    • Module 4:
    • Fundamental Movement Patterns
    • Exercise Families & Variations
    • Exercise Selection & Pairings
    • Module 4 quiz
  • Start of week 8:
    • Module 5:
    • The classic set & rep schemes
    • Periodization: Linear, Undulating, non-periodized
  • Start of week 9:
    • Hypertrophy & Strength method
  • Start of week 10:
    • Amraps, Drop sets and failure
    • Module 5 quiz
  • Start of week 11:
    • Module 6:
    • Loading methods
    • Module 6 quiz
  • Start of week 12:
    • Module 7:
    • 10 Step Program Design (building out your 3-12 month program
    • Final Program Submission
  • Start of week 13:
    • End of course survey
    • Receive your certification upon submitting final program

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