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April 4, 2022

How to NOT Use Sales Calls As An Online Health Coach

How to NOT Use Sales Calls As An Online Health Coach by Annie Miller

Most coaches in the online space are taught to use sales calls. “If you can get someone on the phone, you can close them.” This post isn’t to demonize sales calls, rather to show you that you have options.

Before diving into how to get clients in the absence of a sales call, I do want to acknowledge the value that can come from having several conversations with potential clients.

The value of sales calls

In short, you expedite understanding where your potential clients are at mentally and emotionally – what past experiences they’ve had, what they want, where they want to be, why they haven’t been able to get there. These are all things we need to know about our ideal client. ALSO, you can gain all of that information from an application ;). No sales call needed.

No sales calls for me

Unless you’re my mom, sister, actual friend, or husband…I’m not getting on the phone with you. I loathe calls to the depths of my soul, even when people I adore. I have NEVER done a sales a call in my business for many reasons.

You heard me – No sales calls. Ever.

Many of my biz clients use them. And I assist them in making that experience better for them and their potential clients. But they’re not my thing, and they don’t have to be yours.

That pitch is appealing to a lot of you, I know that.

Businesses that appealed to me have always been those that were mostly automated – or allowed the biz owner to work behind the scenes. This has always been the goal for me. Thus, I found other ways to sell. And built a six figure online health and fitness business doing so.

If you’re building a business, sales DO need to happen. Therefore, we need to be good at and build systems that support sales via COPY WRITING. You don’t want to do sales calls? You best start journaling. Kidding, kind of.


The better you can understand your audience, their humor, their rage, their past experiences, and their desires, the easier writing becomes. This is why I go deep on Ideal Client identification in FitsPRO Foundations and my FREE On Demand workshop, Your Biz, Your Way.

Tips for weaning yourself off sales calls:

  • List your prices clearly on your site or application

Think about ALL of these tips from a consumer standpoint. Put yourself in your potential client’s shoes. Do you appreciate when you can’t find the price to a service? Doubtful. Be up front and transparent. Get in front of objections if needed (“yep – this shit ain’t cheep, here’s why…)

  • Create an application that covers everything you’d ask for in a sales call

Sales calls are often redundant. If you enjoyed them, you wouldn’t be here. The absence of sales calls should not DECREASE communication. You are simply transferring that communication to other places (sales page, application etc).

  • Make a sales page clearly communicating who this is for, what your offer solves for them (emotional and tangible), and how your process works (both the application and the service/offer).

Best of luck but I doubt you need it!

If you don’t know where to start, or you’re struggling building the biz you see in your head, then go right ahead and sign up for my free workshop: Your biz, your way – 3 steps to build a profitable online health and fitness business.

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