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June 20, 2022

How To Scale Beyond 1:1 Clients

how to scale beyond 1:1 clients with Annie Miller

What are your options for scaling beyond 1:1 clients for online health and fitness coaches? The focus for most coaches when starting out in person or in the online space is filling and retaining that one on one client roster.

That in itself is a task that takes time. Maybe years. Depending on the demand of your offer, you consistently have 10-40 clients. What happens then?

The main issue I see here is the time demand that comes with 1:1. You fill your roster, and then you’re essentially at your ceiling and need help to move beyond this stage of business. The feeling of busting at the seams is very normal. And if have the luxury, I suggest hiring help and/or working on your other offers as you approach your ceiling. Not once your head is smashed up against it.

That obviously requires foresight. But worth it if possible.

In my experience, and from what I’ve seen, you have “2.5” options for moving beyond or adding on top of one on one services. And they’re laid out for you in today’s mini training. Even if you’re not ready NOW to scale, watch this and prepare for your potential future. As I said, if you can have that foresight, you’re only helping save your future self. Go team.

Memberships or courses are not for everyone. And one on one is not always what coaches find they want to offer long term. Neither is right or wrong. They are simply options – ways to help your ideal clients.

As covered in the training, you can also do both. Scale one on one and also offer lower tiered, lower touch, lower priced services. But those will likely be built out one by one.

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