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May 23, 2022

How To Stop The Scroll without Stripping Down

How to stop the scroll without stripping down by Annie Miller

Want to learn how to stop the scroll of potential clients on IG without using your body?

It’s no secret that sex sells. And it’s no surprise that sex and the fitness industry will likely be intertwined forever. We’re in the business of bodies (and so much more, as you likely know).

For a bit of back story – I’ve been known for not showcasing my body on instagram since 2014/15. This was an intentional PERSONAL choice. But being “known for it” was not intentional. It just kind of happened. I slowly started getting followers and clients who chose to be in my corner of the internet because they felt seen. They were refreshed to see a female fitness page that wasn’t ass, ass, ass. And a professional wearing a full length tank top, or 7 inch soccer shorts.

If you’re feeling defensive, check yourself. This is not about shaming those who choose to certain attire or video angles; rather options outside of skin and angles to grab attention on social media.

Before we dive into ways to build a health and fitness brand without showing skin or booty/tiddie angles, let me be clear because I know there are some free content opinion police out there. Skin is NOT bad. Angles are NOT inherently bad. My way is not your way. Maybe this post is for you. Maybe it isn’t. Either is fine.

This post is for ANY coach of ANY gender who leans away from sharing their body for their BUSINESS.

And want to feel they can have “success” while maybe wearing more clothing than what is “normal” on the internet at large. Personal and brand choice. Not better or worse than anyone else. Disclaimer done. Mmk? Let’s begin!

1️⃣ Skin is popular – not *always* PROFITABLE. Remember we want PROFIT.

2️⃣ No matter how you want to physically show up here, leverage what makes you YOU – are you sarcastic? Passionate about education? Compassionate? What are your core values and how can those be lifted up through your content?

3️⃣ BE CREATIVE – fact: skin stops the scroll.

This is what we want to focus on – HOW CAN YOU GET SOMEONE TO STOP THEIR SCROLL!?

▪️You sitting on a toilet would probably do it.

▪️A bold statement would probably do it.

▪️Funny props or a recognizable song might do it.

▪️Nearly anything can do it if properly leveraged/delivered. Your ability to stop the scroll is only limited by your creativity and willingness to leverage YOU.

But if you don’t want to show skin, or use certain angles, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO. So don’t. But DO figure out a way to generate content that grabs attention.

I was told by a wise a woman when I started my biz, “the hardest part was sticking to my morals and vision when I knew there was an ‘easier’ way. And being okay with it taking a little longer.” – something along those lines. These might feel like dark times, but they’re not that dark.


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