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April 23, 2018

Making the World Our Home for a Year

This post is to inform you about where the Annie behind Fitdesignbyannie is headed, to invite you along for the ride + to encourage you to step outside your comfort zone and dream BIG.


You get one life.

For at least one year of mine, I’ll be lifting and eating my way around the world…

You read right. On May 21, 2018 Nathanael and I will embark on the journey of a lifetime (we hope).

Please read this entire post to gain a full understanding; the who, what, when, where, and why of this new venture.


The introverted girl who has lived in Vancouver, Washington her entire life (including college) will make the world her home along side her extremely extroverted husband.

ENTER: The who, what, when, where and how?

Who: It was Nate’s idea.

Rhonda, Spain

Being a digital nomad is my dream. Ever since doing a few semesters of college online, I was sold on the idea of working from my bed, on my laptop, and doing whatever I pleased with the rest of my day. It really is as good as it sounds. Especially for an introvert who lives for sleep.

My goal was always to be exclusively online with my business. It suits me. It’s where I am happiest + have the greatest impact and reach for those that need my help.

When: After cheer season.

On July 1, 2017 Nathanael came to me, as I was working from my laptop, and said “what if we just traveled the world for a year?”

I said, in a bit of disbelief, “that would be pretty cool…I would want my business at a sustainable point and it would have to be after cheer season…” (the when)

I coach competitive cheerleading and have for 10 years. It was one of the reasons I didn’t go away to college. You don’t coach youth sports, teach them about how to be a dependable, trustworthy human and then leave them mid season + expect them to understand why. Counter productive if you ask me…In case you were curious.

No date was set and that was the end of the discussion.

You better believe I wrote in my planner on July 1st, “the day Nate said, Let’s travel the world.”  I write EVERYTHING down.

What: White space, growth, adventure, and service.

San Sebastian, Spain

After traveling to Spain in September of 2017, the slow life was definitely pulling at us. A friend recommended reading “The Four Hour Work Week” by Tim Ferris 5 days before we took off for Spain. I Amazon Primed that ish and had it in time to read during our trip.  The book reinforced my desire; both for growing my business and traveling the world.  The seed was been planted.

Seeing the world and other cultures is an UH-MAZING experience. I am not talking about all inclusive resorts, drinking alcohol by the pool with other Americans (no judgement, just want to keep the mission of this venture clear). We will NOT be staying in resorts and sitting by a pool. Don’t be too jealous.

Keep in mind during our 3 weeks in Spain, we had no plan or actual reality of traveling the world. It was just an idea spoken into existence in two months prior.

We will be enjoying TIME.

Learning how to slow down. Spending an immense amount of time on self care, creating and living for experiences, and finding places and people to serve along the way.  Mind you, we have to strict plan (can you feel my hesitation in writing those words?).  WE. HAVE. NO. PLAN. It will be okay. #affirmations.

What happens on the trip will happen.  The above is just what we predict.

Where: South America.

Specifically Santiago, Chile. Then a few other South American Countries and off to who know’s where after that (probably Europe for a few months and then Southeast Asia – very tentative). Ya girl had two stipulations when Nathanael and I spoke this adventure into action:

  1. I need access to weights.
  2. I need strong wifi.

He had some stipulations too:

  1. There has to be good food.
  2. I (Annie) can’t have every second of the adventure pre-planned (I foresee myself blogging about this challenge).


After Santiago Chile comes Arequipa, Peru and Rio De Janeiro. Remember I will be WORKING this whole time and growing my business. So we are shooting for nicer Airbnb’s in safe neighborhoods…with gym’s and wifi {wink}.

How: Oh my Lawd. Literally.

It was a crazy idea. This type A introvert was like, how? How the frick?

We just started heading in that direction. I prayed that if it wasn’t the route for us, that the good Lord would close the doors. I need a good slap in the face to get the hint. Things started falling into place and I took that as a green light.

It was not without effort on our part. My online business was growing, and I made it my part-time job in February to start researching the HOW.  People make it sound like you just sell everything and buy a one way ticket to never never land. THAT IS NOT THE HOW.

Changing banks, getting new credit cards (no foreign fees + flyer miles), changing your address (mail’s gotta go somewhere and you need to still have a U.S. residence), getting vaccinations (meaning you need to know where the heck you’re going), figuring out what you’re going to sell, what gear you’re going to need, what needs to be cancelled and when it needs to be cancelled by (bills, accounts, memberships) and SO MUCH MORE on the “running a business” side of things.

Perhaps people do just “sell everything and leave” but just no to that approach…

We already wanted our next trip to be to South America. We had a few cities picked out and decided to book an Airbnb in Santiago, Chile for 5 weeks starting on May 24th.  We’d keep an eye on airfare and get a ticket within a week of that date.

Really we just TOOK ACTION. One step, one blog, one podcast at a time.

Why: Possibly the most important factor.

The Sierra Nevada’s In Granada Spain

For one, why not?

It is the chance of a lifetime and we have the resources to make it happen.

Now for “real” reasons.

Nathanael and my reasons differ. And that’s okay. I want to travel and be a nomad. I love building my business + knowing I have the ability to create what I want and have a lasting impact. If I can do that from anywhere…why wouldn’t I make the most of that? I want to see the world and we live in an era where that is VERY realistic. It will actually be cheaper for us to travel the world than it will be to live in Vancouver, Wa…so there’s that.

Nate wants to SLOW DOWN, focus on self care + HELPING & LOVING people from all over the world. He doesn’t care or worry about language barriers. It was not a problem in Spain for him and he definitely left an impact on some young men there. Whether we reach out to organizations or just offer a helping hand where we see need, we are undecided. But loving recklessly is def part of the plan.

That can be done ANYWHERE and we know that.  It is however part of our WHY, so you’re hearing about it.

In closing…

You don’t have to travel the world. It is not for everyone. Who knows, it might not even be for us…But you need to DREAM. You need to take action and you need to let “things go”.  The Four Hour Work Week asked a phenomenal question that I think we should ALL ask more often.

What’s the worst that can happen?

I mean really. The worst. Is it that bad? Could you come out of it okay? Don’t choose to live in fear. Please. Identify a dream. Speak it into existence, and start taking steps. I repeat, it does not have to be moving into a backpack and being a digital nomad. You do you. But do take action. And do tell me about it.

  1. Sarah Wyland says:

    Girl, YES! Go all the places! See all the things! My favorite place in the world is Nicaragua, specifically San Juan del Sur. The internet was “good enough” but the week I spent there was enough to inspire me to go back at least once a year – 6 weeks out from my next trip!

    If you’re looking for Europe destinations – get your booty to Iceland. Other than Nica, it is one of my favorite places I’ve ever been. We were there in the dead of winter and it was still incredible. You can’t doubt the existence of God when you’re looking out over the most incredible landscapes. Plus, some of the top CrossFitters and Strongmen in the world live there so you know the gyms are A+!

    And of course, London. I’d move to London tomorrow if I could figure out a way to get a Visa. 🙂 So excited to follow your journey!

  2. Olaiya says:

    Yasssssssssss girl!!!! Love it. Beau and I are working on the same thing. And 4HWW has given us so many good ideas about how to get there. Can’t wait to follow along your adventure!

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