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November 24, 2021

Manifestation Is Not a Business Plan (but this is)

manifestation is not a business plan with Annie Miller

Manifestation isn’t a business plan. CALM DOWN MY SPIRIT PEOPLE.

I believe in Jesus, the Holy Spirit and God okay? I can’t reeaalllyyy be shitting on any other approach to the spiritual realm…I see you. And also, let’s talk business.

I am for manifestation + practicality. A lot of people, including myself, are not natural dreamers. It’s very hard for me to claim big goals because I am a highly logical, analytical, fact seeking human.

They say dream big. I say show me the plan. I want to see proof. It’s also why I don’t use paid advertising…yet. I just want to know for every $ I put into it, I am going to get __$ in return.

Manifestation – It’s not a biz plan…

It can be PART of a biz plan, absolutely. But I also encourage you to explore the HOW. What methods or steps need to be put in place in order to reach your manifestation on a REALISTIC level?

You want to reach 10k? Yes, you likely need to believe that can happen. And it will behoove you to repeat a mantra to yourself. I am down with that.

Alsooooo what actions are you taking in order to increase revenue? Where are your gaps in finding leads? Closing sales? Generating profits? etc.

For instance – in my Elegant Excellence goals journal, I have a few sentences: “I fly first class when I want to,” “We are location independent.” Freedom is very important to me (us). Freedom to make decisions, to be the giver, to pivot.

This is wealth to me.

In order for these affirmations and manifestations to be true, I need to WORK and make decisions that are aligned with them.

Decisions in my business.
In our personal finances.
Decisions around who we go to for counsel and about what.
To always keep travel as a part of our lives.

That’s how I see the value of manifestation in business. It helps you focus and align your actions to meet these manifestations. Just like a dream is nothing without action – same goes for manifesting. Dare to dream, claim big things, but also, make some action steps. Even if they change along the way.

Do you have an affirmation or manifesting practice? I find it has been super helpful in simply getting clear on what it is I value and want for my life.

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