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July 11, 2019

My Capsule Wardrobe | Total Haul with Photos & Links

A look inside an annual capsule wardrobe with Annie Miller Concepts - links and photos included

My yearly capsule wardrobe

In case you missed it, I taught you ALL about building your own capsule wardrobe in this post. Go read those 2,000 words if you have no clue what is a capsule is, or how you can make one.

My personal capsule is a yearly capsule – meaning I do not have multiple capsules for different seasons.

Before we dive into my items, you need to know a few things about my capsule wardrobe.

Color scheme.

I chose to go with neutrals and denim with a splash of reds, and the occasional yellow/green scarf. Which I wear ALL the time but forgot to bring to my capsule wardrobe photoshoot. Silly me.

Capsule style

My style is pretty laid back and based highly on comfort + timeless pieces of clothing. You’ll see a lot of button ups, and tanks you can dress up or down, clothing that can be worn on a hike or to a coffee date.

I like to FEEL like I am wearing new outfits, so my particular capsule wardrobe is VERY inter-changeable. Like almost any item can be warn with any other item.

Capsule focus

The focus of my capsule is influenced by the need to TRAVEL. My wardrobe is made up of clothing that can be used for long term travel because Nate and I like to be location independent. We can pack up and travel for months at a time. Having a small and versatile wardrobe is UH-MAZING for this lifestyle. I mention this for a few reasons.

One, so that you can picture the capsule wardrobe in action.

Two, so that you understand the need for clarity in building a capsule wardrobe.

For instance. I chose my dresses based on my love for them, of course. But also because this style of dress can be worn on sacred grounds, in temples and churches around the world. YES – this is a thing I failed at in our world travels. I had to buy appropriate clothing along the way because I literally had NOTHING that was allowed in these types of historical monuments. #fail.

I run cold.

When most humans are warm, I am not. So if you’re looking at mine like…this is supposed to be an all season capsule wardrobe? Because there is a lot of warmer clothing, that is why. We are looking inside MY closet. Remember?

Items inside my capsule wardrobe

Alright! Let’s dive in. I have linked all items that can be linked.

If it’s amazon, it’s an affiliate link.

My capsule is comprised of 37-41 items

These 37 items are what I would travel with and wear on a daily basis. Not ALL items are pictured in the outfits. But they are *almost* all pictured here:

The separated photos that include EVERYTHING adds up to 41 items.

I could make over 100 outfits with 37 items so I did my best to simply illustrate how versatile a capsule can be.

5 pairs of shoes

Main focus with shoes is versatility and longevity. This – coming from the girl who had 20+ pairs of nikes, and near the same number in high heels. During our world travels it became BLARING-LY clear what shoes I needed.

And these, are them…

Notice there are no heels. I have no need. I also DO have a pair of flip flops, not pictured that I use for getting gross during camping or whatever.

Building an annual capsule wardrobe with Annie Miller - Links included

Essex Lane Aleanor Loafer

Cougar Women’s Kensington Rain Boot (walnut) – Tons of colors to choose from. you can shop my amazon link above or view their site and other products here.

Reef Cushion Bounce Vista Women’s Sandal – Again, tons of colors to choose from. My sister has the black. They are THE BESTA sandals known to man. IT’S FINE.

Vivobarefoot Women’s Primus in Grey – That is my amazon link. Vivo has the fastest turnover of product I’ve ever witness by a shoe company. You can always shop their entire site here.

Vivobarefoot Tracker FG Women’s Hiking Boot

Disclaimer – while home I do also have the Adidas Terrex Trail runners for running and hiking. They are linked here. They’re super light weight and I wore them for workouts, walking, running and hiking during our year of travel – still going strong.

14 tops

(not all shown in capsule outfits)

Tanks, shirts and sweaters in an annual capsule wardrobe with Annie Miller - Links included

Okay there is A LOT going on here. Most of this is no longer available, but it is NOT hard to find similar items.

High neck tanks – gapfit Breath Tank Top I have these in three colors – gray, black and the light pink.

Dressy loose fitting tank which you will see in my capsule wardrobe photos was from Target like six years ago. It was a magical piece and I have yet to find anything similar.

GapFit Long Sleeve Breath High-Low Tunic (gray and white pictured above)

Denim Button-Up – linked is from Gap. Mine is from Forever 21, they always have denim tops. But the one linked from Gap is closer to mine.

Flannel – Mine is in fact a men’s flannel from an REI garage sale. And I couldn’t find it again. So linked is from Volcom.

Woolrich Women’s Aztec Flannel – No longer available, they have nothing like it, and the only one’s I’ve seen are on ebay.

Zella Pullover Sherpa w/ A-symmetrical Zipper & Front Pocket – No longer available and cannot for the life of me find something similar. Not in July anyway. Hopefully these come back around! Because I live in that baby.

5 shorts

(not all shown in capsule outfits)

Shorts in an annual capsule wardrobe with Annie Miller - Links included

Columbia Sportswear Womens Trail Short – at Zappos

Senita Athletics Pinstripe Rio Shorts – absolutely love these, I wear a small.

Neon Shorts – Mine were mountain hardwear, linked shorts are from Asos.

Nike Women’s Classic Soccer Short – Not pictured in capsule outfit photos but wear these around all the time. And to workout, of course.

Cream Dress Short – No longer available

6 pants

You don’t see skinny jeans for a reason…leg prisons. BUT, there is more to it than that. I needed jeans when we were traveling that I could wear in the summer + in the winter with leggings underneath. Hello Gdansk, Poland on the Baltic Sea in January…one layer simply does not cut it.

Pants and legging in an annual capsule wardrobe with Annie Miller - Links included

Mountain Hardwear Hiking Joggers

Zella Color Block Leggings – No longer available. Zella is carried at Nordstrom. Check Nordstrom Rack for good deals. I LOVE Zella leggings.

Victoria’s Secret Knockout Leggings (Black)

Levi’s Ribcage Ankle Jean (these are HIGH ladies – legit to your ribcage. Read the reviews for sizing).

American Eagle Mom Jean (THESE ARE LIFE)

Rose colored lightweight wide leg linen blend pants – No longer available. Tried to find something similar and had no luck.

5 coats

(Probs need like a light jacket for spring days where it’s cold in the AM but then you’re sweating later on…but that is not yet included. Don’t know if it will be).

Coats and jackets in an annual capsule wardrobe with Annie Miller - Links included

Black Wool Peacoat – No longer available

REI long parka style (closest current option)

London Fog Trench coat (close to same style)

Patagonia Women’s Nano Storm Jacket

North Face Red Down Jacket w/ Hood – No longer available


1 ball cap, 1 beanie, 2 scarves (one for warm weather [not pictured], one for spring, winter, fall), 3 dresses.

Also, not my exact Patagonia hat, but what they have to offer now.

Dresses and accessories in an annual capsule wardrobe with Annie Miller - Links included

Mustard & Floral Boho Boutique Dress not available

Asos “Native Youth Volume Smock Dress” (I have size small)

Forever 21 black high-low – No longer available but is a super simple item. A black dress you dress up or down is UH-MAZING for a capsule wardrobe.

Magical $3 scarf from Goodwill – Never seen anything like it. Wear it ALL the time and get so many compliments. No clue what brand it is.

Patagonia low-pro trucker hat

CC Beanies in “army”

My capsule wardrobe in action

Below you’ll see mainly the shoes, tops and bottoms put into various outfits. I did not remember my scarf, but I wear it OFTEN with many of these outfits.

The coats are pictured at least once each just so you can see how they fit in.

And like I said, not everything is pictured. I also wear my beanie and Patagonia hats often. Use your imagination my friend.

That’s it sister! That is what’s in my closet. 37-41 items for a year, which can *mostly* be packed up into a 55L backpack at any time. I’m ready to go for all seasons.

If you haven’t read my HOW TO blog post on building your own capsule, read it here!

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