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October 10, 2019

My Go-To Planners Heading into 2020 [personal and biz]

Annie Miller using her yearly planner for organizing her business


Planners are how I keep my life together and my brain from spilling out my ears.

I, for one, am a pen and paper gal. I know humans whose lives function via Google Calendar alone. If that is you, this post is not going to suit you. But, if you function from a place of “if I didn’t write it in my planner, it’s not getting done.”…this post might just prove to be life changing for you.

Annie Miller shares two favorite yearly planners for life and business

BEST BIZ PLANNER [electronic or pen & paper]

In late 2018 I was itching for a business-specific planner. I had been traveling the world with my absolute favorite life planner (we’ll get to that next), but I felt the need for a separate place to lay out my business goals and ventures for 2019. You see, I am a birds eye-view person. I like to see the big picture, reflect, visit it often, and work backward from the birds eye-view, making smaller, attainable goals along the way.

Which is what The Fresh Start Workbook + Planner by Amber McCue allowed me to do.

Why did I choose this planner?

  1. Because it’s more than a planner. It’s a comprehensive business workbook.

You’ll reflect on your last year + review what your business stands for.

What are your core values? What do you as a business owner AND human being want to FEEL heading into the new year?

Then, how might you get there? What are your offers? What do you need to create? Make projected revenue goals. Set up your year with VISION and CLARITY…two things that were VERY difficult for me to cultivate on the move, without my massive white boards back home.

2. You can purchase a hard copy, or fill it out electronically (see prices below).

I needed something I could fill out on my laptop while traveling. Something I could open at the beginning of each month and review my previous month, asking myself the questions: what worked? what didn’t? what are my must do’s this month? 

And something I could review half way through the month. Am I on track? Where am I at with my goals? What might I need to let go of, or GET GOING on so I end the month strong? So often we just do things, create busy work for ourselves as entrepreneurs; losing the clarity on the vision we have for our businesses.

The Details:

What you an expect inside The Fresh Start Workbook:

  • Review of the previous year
  • Clarity on the bones of your business
  • Laying our your offers
  • What you want to get from your biz
  • Where you might want to delegate
  • Monthly revenue and profit goals for the new year
  • Monthly break down and review of goals and intentions
  • Quarterly reviews and planning
  • Simple tasks made easy – example: auditing your website or systems on a regular basis to make sure everything is running smoothly and up to date

Like I said, it is a truly COMPREHENSIVE business planner and workbook. It was my first experience using a biz-specific planner and I plan to print out my 2020 version ASAP so I can lug it around the world with me.

You can grab yours here – $27 download or $39 printed spiral

Moving on to the everyday life planner. For women everywhere, trying to keep their shit together and thrive.

Annie Miller using her yearly planners for life and business


I give you, The Day Designer.

I’ve used this as my life planner for the last three or four years.


Because I have a big life, like lots of space to write and REALLY need time blocks.

Day Designer has both academic (July – June) and normal yearly planners (Jan – Dec). Obviously you’d be late to the game for the academic 2019-2020, but just in time for the normal Jan – Dec 2020.

I personally use the academic mini or classic flagship planners.


What you an expect inside Your Day Designer:

  • Every day is it’s own page
  • 5am – 9pm hour slots in the CLASSIC
  • 7am – 7pm hour slots in the MINI
  • Daily to-do list (full length next to hour slots)
  • Top three of the day
  • Monthly spread

Simple. Intentional. Spacious.

It’s a sturdy planner that keeps you on time, on track and focused ERRDAY.

Grab yours here (various choices available).

Annie Miller shares her two favorite yearly planners for life and business

That’s it! Those are the planners that will be taking Annie Miller, her life, and the business of Annie Miller Concepts into 2020 and around the world for a second time.

Let me know in the comments below if you have a different fav planner or plan on snagging these for the new year!

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