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November 6, 2017

3 Weight Loss Tactics That DON’T WORK

Do you really want “Weight Loss”?

Weight loss is a word that is thrown around in the health and fitness industry that is widely misunderstood and mis-used I believe.

Now, when I say, “don’t work” I want to make very clear that I am referring to long term FAT LOSS, and overall health – sustainability.  They might work for short-term WEIGHT LOSS…but NOT FAT LOSS.  And oh you just wait for #3, oh the controversy!

So why am I writing this?

My guess is that your real goal and desire is to lose FAT, not just to achieve weight loss.  Unless you want to be “skinny fat”…then stop reading, this is not the place for you.

I would also guess that you want to be “toned” and shed off some of that fat layer above your muscles.

If that is your goal, then you are in the right place and you need to stay away from the following three fads + anything that resembles them.

1. Juicing.

I get asked about juicing A LOT. It seems “healthy”. You’re only eating fruits and vegetables after all. Oh wait…no you’re not. You’re drinking the condensed liquid from fruits and vegetables. You’re not chewing + not getting the fiber from the actual fruit or vegetable.

More than that, if you’re juicing for a “detox” or “cleanse”, and not actually consuming FOOD, you’re doing yourself a disservice. You’ll likely see results on the scale, and maybe your skin clears up.  That is because you are consuming likely less than 1000 calories per day. That is me being VERY generous.  Your skin clearing up can be from a few things; either the intense intake of vitamins + water, or the fact that you have cut something out of your diet for the time that you’re juicing – and it was in fact the culprit in your skin issues.

So, no to the juicing. Feel free to juice I suppose, but even then, make a smoothie and get the ingredient in it’s entirety OR better yet, just eat a freaking salad?…

2. Fad diets (grapefruit).

The grapefruit diet is extreme but you can really use any fad diet.  If it doesn’t involve a balanced diet or embraces EXTREMES, it’s a no go. It is NOT sustainable and it WILL NOT get you where you truly want to go. Not much more to say about that one.  If it’s a fad, don’t do it. You’ll be back where you started before you know it. #notthegoal

3. Exogenous Ketones (don’t jump down my throat. Just read + educate yo-self).

I want to preface this subject with the fact that I am not against eating a ketogenic DIET if fat loss is your goal and your doc agrees with it.

In regards to exogenous ketones…keep reading.

The article below is UH-MAZING by Mike Sheridan.

Here is a quote from the article to sum it up,

“The problem with ketone supplementation (EXOgenous) is that it’s not even close to the same thing as being in ketosis (ENDOgenous ketone production). And just like the butter-blended-into-coffee trend, it’s a farce.

Ketones may be depressing dieters’ hunger and giving them a hit of energy and cognitive enhancement, but it’s INHIBITING their ability to burn fat, providing zero nourishment, and doing nothing for their metabolic health. There’s an assortment of evidence suggesting that it’s probably making things worse.”

If there was a real quick fix we would all be on it and nothing would compare. There would be no vicious yoyo diet weight gain/loss cycle. Literally one thing has NEVER CHANGED in the history of health…diet (that is balanced + sustainable) and exercise is the BEST long term way to manage weight and body composition. Another blog coming soon on what diet is best for YOU.

It’s all connected. You can’t just eat on macros and not expect some repercussion for eating low nutrient dense, high energy foods.  You also can’t eat just clean fruits and carbs and expect to gain muscle. As cliche as it is, you need balance. You need moderation.

This is not news my friends. This is the same info that has been around for ages. Eat the rainbow, eat complex carbs, drink water, limit sugar. I am all for macros + clean eating. You should have an idea of how many g of CHO PRO & FAT you need for your body and lifestyle, but you also need to think about your ORGANS and hormone function when choosing those calories of carbs, fat and protein! Just because something makes you look good does NOT necessarily mean it is the best option for your insides.

Keep a wholistic view my friend and shoot for a diet you can SUSTAIN.

As always, it’s been real sister.



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