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July 1, 2018

Skin is Your Largest Organ and Sign of Health [Heal your skin + Love your body]



Skin Is Your Largest Organ.

It is your first line of defense. It is how your body releases toxins. The skin on your face is no exception.

I suffered from cystic acne for years. From when I was about 21-27 years old. I tried every freaking pinterest remedy I could find. Natural masks from coconut oil, papaya and avocados to cutting out dairy to spending hundreds on different skin care products. Some things helped, and I would notice a difference for a week or two.  But when stress hit, I didn’t get adequate sleep, slacked on my water intake, or aunt flo came around, we were back to square one.

If you have had cystic acne you know it is PAINFUL and not the most attractive situation. The pimples are large, red and raised off the skin. Wearing make up is not fun, it looks caked on, and the alternative is walking around with deep reddish-purple cheeks (for me). Mind you, my acne was not even that bad. It seems terrible looking back now. But so many women struggle with so much worse than this.

So here I was, a young entrepreneur, starting my business. I am literally the FACE of my HEALTH + FITNESS business. Having cystic acne on the cheeks is strictly hormonal acne. Not the best poster board for a health business.

I resorted to taking a low level hormonal blocker for 9 months.

I regret it.

Let me make that so incredibly clear.  I didn’t find the help I needed and after 6 years I caved and took spironolactone (an incredibly low dosage).

That is why I am such a big advocate for natural healing now – because I have not taken spironolactone for eight months now and my skin is CLEAR my friend.  After reading Lara Briden’s “The Period Repair Manual” I also decided to start tracking my menstrual cycle naturally. To each his own. But I cannot encourage women enough to educate themselves before making decisions. I didn’t when it came to my acne. I was desperate.

So, now I have access to the help I needed two years ago and I pass that on to you.


Enter The Body Awareness Project


This is an in-genius creation by the amazing Emily Schromm. She has brought together FEMALE experts for educational courses + the best acne (and soul) curing supplements and resources (including my fav book).

You can learn more at


3 Signs of health that have nothing to do with your physique

Inside the box you’ll find

  • Alitura Clay Mask and Derma Roller for scarring and glowing skin renewal ($42 value)
  • Hormone Balance Tea from Herbal Element ($12)
  • Clearity Oil by Primally Balanced formulated by Lorraine and I specifically for blemishes ($16 value)
  • Period Repair Manual by Dr Lara Briden ($20 value)
  • FatCo Myrraculous Anti-Aging Face Cream ($28 value)
  • Enessa Clove Acne Control ($40 value)
  • Zinc Chelate from Buddies in my Belly ($12 value)
  • Be Calm Probiotic from Buddies in my Belly ($29)
  • All Natural Kojnac Face Sponge ($9 value)
  • Samples of Puori, Vital Proteins, Enessa, and more


How to heal acne naturally

Naturally heal hormonal acne with this box

Heal hormonal Acne with natural remedies

The box itself is over $200 in value and is obviously packed with goodness. If you’re wanting more, you can enter the knowledge packed courses as well. You have the option to get it all or just a piece. You can even make your custom box with 3-7 prodcucts of your choice. I cannot stress enough how much this box would have (and has now) helped me in my skin care adventure.

If you’re interested in learning, healing acne, or just trying these products you can click the link below.


Your skin doesn’t define you. But it also doesn’t have to suffer from acne. Do you have acne? Have you tried these products? Let me know!

  1. Tori says:

    I was on hormonal birthcontrol on & off for almost 10 years… I decided to get off last year because in my heart, I knew something wasn’t right…. When I did I have had a whole mess of symptoms, and one of them has been acne… I have never had acne this bad and it is totally ruining my self esteem. Thank you for posting this its going to be something I look into a little more…I currently take a handful of the products that are in here, am working with someone on nutrition, getting monthly facials, and of course follow all of Dr.Bridens work! How soon did you see results with your face clearing up?

    • Annie Miller says:

      Hey Tori! So sorry for a delayed response! It took 3 months to start to see it decrease, then about 9 months for full recovery and decrease of small scars and red spots. 🙂 It feels like forever when you’re waiting to see results, but it’s a blink of an eye when you consider how long we have the acne for in the first place. 🙂

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