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January 17, 2019

Split Croatia [the city + Krka National Park]

Drive from Bologna to Split

Based on our two days in Split, we determined we would live here. The country of Croatia is beautiful and like no other terrain we’d see before. On our drive from Bologna to Split, we drove through a large agricultural area. There were little road-side stands where you could purchase honey, fruit and oils from the local farmers. Of course we stopped and picked up some goodies for the road.

If you ever have the chance to drive through the Balkans, I highly recommend doing so. In September it was absolutely gorgeous. We were however on a time crunch so no photos from the country side.

Split’s Old Town

We really only spent time in and around the old town. So all commentary is based on this fact. Split is positioned on the water, with mountains in the background and greenery surrounding. The weather is warm and the old buildings on the waterfront have not only been maintained, but turned into shops and restaurants. The city is in a sense, old city on the outside, yet modern culture, food, retail, and businesses on the inside.

The center is filled with tiny alley ways, nooks and crannies where you can find shops, museums, taco joints and “traditional” Croatian food (which is really a mix of culinary backgrounds). Most of the images you see below are the backside of the buildings on the waterfront seen above.

No clue who this guy is or why everyone rubs his toes, but you better believe we got in on that action. Maybe if you go and take a tour, you can let me know.

The Food

Croatia did not disappoint in the food department. We went to the same place for breakfast all three mornings we were here, AND even made a pit stop on our way back up from Kotor, Montenegro to Slovenia. I mean just look at that acai and chia bowl. What is life?! The waterfront is 95% food. You can find various types of restaurants with indoor and outdoor seating.

Aside from this breakfast joint, we also had amazing tacos, decent burgers, and fresh fish and chips. You can count on great seafood in most of Croatia considering their location on the water.

Exploring Split

One of our favorite things to do in Split was just walking along the water and exploring the surrounding areas.

The water color is a gorgeous deep crystal blue. If we had known we’d be stumbling upon perfect secluded swimming areas, we would have brought our swimsuits. But we set out with no plan, just to mosey around. In our moseying we came across what I would assume is an art museum. We didn’t go in, but we did creep around the lovely courtyard with statues.

When you walk along the water, you completely lose sight of the city and it’s amazing. I highly suggest doing this if you have extra time in Split. Pack your swim suit and take a tip LITERALLY anywhere along the water.

Krka National Park

We had actually planned to stop here on the way from Bologna to Split, but we were short on time so we counted it as a loss. But when we weather caused a cancellation to our scheduled Blue Lagoon Tour (which I suggest doing even though we didn’t get to), we took the opportunity to drive back to Krka.

I have no pointers here. Just that you should go. And if you don’t mind other people, definitely take some time to swim at the last waterfall. It’s open to the public, and freaking awesome. This is not a hike by the way. I mean I wouldn’t consider it a hike. Walking the streets of San Fransisco is more taxing. There are hikes you can do I am sure, but we just walked around the park on the wooden pathway.


You don’t NEED more than two days in Split, but there is plenty to do and you could easily stay for a week and not be bored. Like I said, we’d live here. The food is great, the people are nice, the warm weather is to die for, it’s not expensive, and the surrounding areas have hiking and multiple national parks to visit.

I was disappointed we didn’t get to do the Blue Lagoon Tour. You visit six islands, and the blue and green lagoons. The weather on the waterfront seemed fine, but they said the wind on the sea was far too strong for the boat we’d be taking and the entrance to the lagoons were closed for the day. Weather always wins. It made for a great day at Krka nonetheless.

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