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April 8, 2021

Three Most Common Instagram Questions Answered for Biz Owners

Instagram is a fabulous way to build a loyal, online audience if you’re a content creator and/or brand/biz owner.

After being nearly six years deep into the ‘gram game, I am answering the three most common questions I get in regards to Instagram. No matter the algorithm, or new features, these questions and answers apply.

  1. Should I have 1 or 2 accounts for personal and biz?

My immediate and more common answer is ONE. But it truly it depends. If you can combine and only manage one, I vote for this simply due to time and energy management. Especially if you’re building a PERSONAL BRAND.

If you want a private place to post personal stuff, keep them separate and know that far less time will be allotted to the personal account. Or, if you have two different aspects of your biz, keep them on one account IF they are in alignment under your brand umbrella (me, with biz and fitness). If they are completely different MARKETS then separate.

2. What about hashtags?

They are one tool. You’ll notice I don’t always use them. That’s because I have used multiple hashtag matrixes, downloads, courses etc over YEARS, and they never seemed to bring me the humans I wanted. I find (for me), that organic sharing and word of mouth is still the tits. So that’s what I personally do.

Though IG now has a search section that recognizes words in a caption. Like Google/Pinterest. Worth noting – hashtags are now a search option for IG. If hashtags work for you, GET IT. Is your audience searching via hashtags? Mine hasn’t historically done so, but times do change.

3. How to grow with this godforsaken algorithm?

If you’re focused on solely beating and/or failing to the algorithm, your focus might be misplaced. What “beats” the algorithm are: using trends (music and/or new features), creating viral content (viral is relative). Content that tends to go viral is either/and relatable, humorous, polarizing.

Focus on the following YOU HAVE and it will grow. By focusing on nurturing + learning about your current audience, you will create better content – more aligned to them. They share said content with their audience/friends, and BAM you’re now growing an audience of humans who likely, are “your people.”

“Growth” is not only goal. An engaged audience of potential buyers who trust you is the goal. Shift your focus. This is one of the most important things we cover in Instagram 101. Growth doesn’t pay your bills. That’s it!

I get these questions often, and have never answered them publicly. So, now we can all refer back to this blog. GO TEAM.

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