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April 7, 2021

Touch and Go Vs. Reset Deadlifts

touch and go versus reset deadlifts with Annie Miller

Comparing touch and go and reset deadlifts:

Deadlift how you please with either touch-and-go or reset. Neither option is better or worse, they simply have different purposes.

Generally speaking you’d progress from reset deads to touch-and-go deads as you become more proficient at the movement and you increase your capacity.

Why? In touch-and-go deadlifts there may be more room for error. We have more dynamic movement happening (bar rebounding off the floor). This creates a higher demand on your ability to “stay tight through the pull.”

Touch-and-go CAN also increase the demand on your grip – a limiting factor for a lot of people. Especially women using a standard bar and not a female bar. Therefore I like to start with reset deadlifts.

It slows down the process and allows the lifter to nail their starting position. This also give the grip a small breather if that’s “a thing” for the lifter. Make the reset smaller and smaller, until we are doing touch-and-go. Then, we still aim for a slower down than up tempo.

See video comparisons of the two methods below.

Touch and go deadlifts

Reset deadlifts

Which do you prefer? Touch and go? Reset deadlifts?Reset for heavy ass weight? Touch and go for light? IT ME.

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