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January 7, 2021

Travel Guide to Austin, Texas in December

Annie Miller in Austin, TX

If we’re being honest, we came to Austin to eat our way around the city. But there is TONS to do in and around Austin.

First up, let’s talk accommodations. Austin is a big city. You can find a wide array of places to stay at differing price points. They even have hostels. We stayed at an apartment through Airbnb. It was GREAT. Both the apartment in a gated community and the location. But beware, if you’re near 6th, it’s going to get LOUD on Friday and Saturday.

Weather: In December it was brisk but SUNNY – which we so needed from the PNW. Prepare for down to 30’s at night but 65 during the day. We loved it.

If you’d like to eat your way around Austin, here are some places to consider:

  • Food: Torches Tacos
  • Breakfast: Avo toast At Cenote
  • Coffee: Mesmerize Coffee (creature coffee previously)
  • Better half: coffee and breakfast – had a ham biscuit with honey jalapeño butter.
  • Malibu Poke
  • Ramen Tatsu-Ya
  • Bangers sausage house and beer garden
Cenote outdoor seating Austin TX
Outdoor seating at Cenote
Avocado Toast at Cenote
Avo toast at Cenote
Better Half breakfast Austin TX
Brekki at Better Half
Via 313 Pizza in Austin TX
Pizza at Via 313

For some day or half day trips, you have options.

You can drive West to wine country, Pedernales National Park, Hamilton pool, Enchanted Rock, and Fredericksburg. But we visited Fredericksburg and Enchanted Rock from San Antonio instead.

Half day trip (seen below): Mount Bonnell overlook (10 min drive from Austin) and 360 Bridge (additional 10 minutes). Both of these are less than 5 minutes to the top of the “lookouts.” I wore this dress and these boots. No need to dress for a hike, though you certainly can! Then hit up Zilker Park. You can walk around, picnic or visit the botanical gardens and surrounding museums. 

Austin, Texas by Annie Miller
Annie Miller at Mount Bonnell overlook
Annie Miller in ZIlker Park

Walk Lady Bird Lake (10 full miles), then drive out to Louie Mueller BBQ (40 min drive from Austin).

Walking Lady Bird Lake in Austin Texas
Louie Mueller BBQ in Taylor TX

Wine tasting from Austin – We stopped for breakfast (chicken biscuit) at Kerby Lane Cafe (diner style) on the way out.

Flat Creek Winery
Wine tasting outside Austin, Texas

Torr Na Lochs Winery (Best view and wine) – see below

View from Torr Na Lochs winery outside Austin
Food and wine at Torr Na Lochs
Cattle at Torr Na Lochs outside Austin

Perissmos Vineyard & Winery (Cool new little barrel room + would have a lovely vineyard walk not in December).

Perissos Winery outside Austin Texas with Annie Miller
Annie Miller wine tasting outside of Austin, Texas
wine barrels in texas by Annie Miller

It’s important to have realistic expectations when tasting wine in Texas hill country. You are not in France, Spain, Portugal, Napa Valley, or Sonoma Valley. You are in Texas. It’s a fun day trip from Austin, the vineyards are well-kept and the people are nice.

The wine is not complex, it’s not good, it’s not bad. It’s just wine. Also, this is 100% subjective to you. You might think that the wine at these vineyards is the best wine ever. It very well could sing to your palette. Even though the wine wasn’t our personal favorites, we highly suggest you take this day trip. Even if it is just for the experience.


You might love Austin. You might hate it. But I do suggest you visit, especially if you’re in the lone star state.

It has natural beauty in the hill country (for Texas), great food, and plenty to do.

Interested in visiting Austin? Then pin this post for later!

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