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January 12, 2021

3 Tips to Create More Sharable Content Online

3 tips to create more sharable content with Annie Miller

Truly, who doesn’t want to create sharable content? We all do! Which is why I’m covering it today. Let’s dive in

1.) Polarizing topics

People love to jump on the bandwagon. They love when someone has enough guts to say what everyone else is thinking. This is often, outside of adorable dogs, and people failing at things, where we see viral content.

Polarizing by definition involves division. If you choose to create polarizing content, be prepared for some hate (voiced or not). I talk all about this in depth in Episode 76 of the FitsPRO Podcast. But that’s the power of polarizing. You might lose some people. You’ll also gain even more aligned humans in your audience.

Also, let us be clear that polarizing doesn’t have to be serious. You can use humor to be polarizing, or literally be talking about a sports team, or Backstreet Boys vs N’SYNC. But yes, often polarizing content is based on a belief system of some kind. And tends to be emotionally fueled.

In health and fitness this can look like, but is not required and/or limited to:

  • “Food freedom and macro counting cannot coexist” or “Macros CAN be a part of food freedom”
  • Talking about the sexualization of women in fitness (in any sense – for, against, why it exists etc)
  • “Health doesn’t have a size or look” – being for or against HAES movement.

I am not taking a stance on any of these. Maybe your polarizing view is that polarization is dangerous and you are for the grey area, the in-betweens, the nuance?

It’s most important that you are not performative and that you provide insight + value in the process. But polarizing content IS SHARABLE. People will share it, send it to friends – for better or for worse.

2.) Humor

Think about things you send to friends and loved ones. I know for me, it typically has to do with humor. I love a good meme. Totally sharable content.

If humor is not your thing, that is fine. But I bet you think something, that a lot of people think. I don’t know who said it first, but the quote from IG comes to mind “Coffee is like dry shampoo for your life” or something to that idea. Hilarious, relatable, so true.

In health and fitness:

  • Butt-sweat
  • The rage when people don’t re-rack weights
  • Leg day pain

Generally bringing light to something that gym-goers understand and have seen or experienced.

3.) Relatability

If humor is not your think, then stick to relatability over humor – what is simple and relatable within your field and audience?

Again with no need to be dramatic. Talking about whether people wear shoes or not when they lift ALWAYS does amazing for me. It’s relatable, simple, and everyone does ONE of these options (shoes or no shoes).

Relationships, thoughts and experiences have potential to be relatable and thus, sharable content. What is going to make people be like YES, THIS, and click that share button?

Relatability can also be SOMETHING PEOPLE NEED. Answering a question that a lot of people have can be relatable. And if a lot of people need that question answered, then it has great potential to get shared.

So maybe you go more the relatable, or more the humor route. Either way, they’re sharable.

Need more help with building your IG? Then check out my course Instagram 101 – Building a Profitable + Authentic Brand on the ‘Gram (without butt selfies).

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