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July 7, 2022

What Does The Perfect Strength Training Program Include

What Does The Perfect Strength Training Program Include with Annie Miller

Coaches and gymrats everywhere are looking for the elements of “the perfect strength training program” for either putting on size, improving strength, or both.

Fact is, there is not single strength training program that all the worlds strongest people follow. BUT – there are elements that some of the most widely tested and used programs all have (Wendler 531, Poliquin clusters, Juggernaut Method etc)

Elements of the perfect strength training program:

💪🏽Working at RPE (rate of perceived exertion) 7+ (or 75%+)

💪🏽Compound movements – multi joint and muscle group. Think squat vs a quad extension. Or pull up vs a bicep curl). Compound movements provide metabolic fatigue, recruit many muscle fibers at once, and might save time in giving you more bang for your buck.

💪🏽Adequate rest between sets (90-180 seconds) – There is mixed research on rest periods and hypertrophic adaptations. But for repeated force production (strength), rest is required.

💪🏽Not your average asshole tempo (now, these programs may not prescribe tempo, but I’m throwing it in). If you’re going through the motions, you’re quite possibly leaving gains on the table. Slow it down, particularly in the eccentric – or muscle lengthening – phasee.

💪🏽Patterns such as: squat, hinge, push, pull and carry (remember these are PATTERNS, not one exercise and often fall under that “compound” category).

💪🏽Progressive overload (which can look SO MANY different ways)And literally NONE, ZERO PERCENT of that matters if you’re not consistent and prioritizing quality sleep over everything.

No matter what program you’re following, if you’re looking for longevity with training, and to make gains in muscle size and function, consider the elements above. And remember none of that matters if you’re not consistent. No need to be perfect, but consistent over a long period of time. Good thing we train for life around these parts.

Everyone – whether a serious power lifter or random gym goer has a favorite lift to push themselves on.

Mine is strangely enough….BFESS! Call me whatever you want, but it’s true. I love it.

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