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September 29, 2022

What Online Business Coaches Don’t Want You To Know

What Online Business Coaches Don't Want You To Know with Annie Miller

For some reason the draw of “financial” freedom and “time” freedom of working in the online space have come with the assumption that building and running an online business is easy. Hate to break it to you, it’s not. But also, the freedoms are real, and remain a draw for many people.

When you embark on the road of curiosity toward possibly establishing an online health and fitness business, you will be BOMBARDED with ads, DMs and comments from business coaches. These “coaches who coach coaches” often feel inauthentic, and spammy. Or they certainly did for me. If this has not been your experience, bless.

Things that are common selling points, specifically in the online business space, are:

  • “work from anywhere”
  • “six figures in 90 days” – don’t get me started
  • “foolproof system or approach” – creating a mini me by following their single way to make money. Enter sales calls to a high ticket offer after hiding prices on your site. We all know how I feel about this.

Overall, this is the vibe:

I give you THE TRUTH: It’s hard, it will take TIME, you’ll constantly be refining. If you’re just starting in your health and fitness online biz journey, you’ve got room to FAIL. And you will feel the weight of failure – when a client says they’ll sign but then the payment never comes, when three people, one of which is your mom, likes your post, when you try a marketing approach and it tanks.

Ope, not the glitz, glam and FiNaNcIaL fReEdOm you were looking for? Here’s what I mean:

✔You can take discovery calls if you which, while you refine who your ideal clients are – in fact these calls can be a great opportunity to learn MORE about your ICA and what your messaging should be!

✔You can post on social media while you learn how to create content that resonates deeply with your audience (and makes them excited to buy!) – it’s a process, be in it for the PROCESS.

✔You can develop a win-win offer through it allWill it take WORK to grow an online health and fitness business so it supports your life? YES. Are there ways to make it easier for yourself? Also yes.

One of them is my FREE, 1 hour workshop.

Click to learn more ➡️ I’m not going to sugar-coat the amount of work it takes, which is why this workshop is packed full of info you can actually implement. WHERE IS THE LIE?

Anyone selling you quick and easy is probably selling you a pile of hot garbage. Just like in health and fitness. Carry on.

And don’t miss all the free resources available on my site – you’ll find goodies for trainees and coaches or entrepreneurs alike. Much love.

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