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October 24, 2022

What to do when no one is buying your service

What happens when you open your cart and nothing but crickets? When you pitch your service online to your audience and no one even clicks the link? It happens. If you’re in the online health and fitness space this has or likely will happen to you at some point. And frankly, it’s a shitty feeling. So what can you do?

Many variables are at play here, and without being able to see the back end nitty gritty details of your business, your offer, and your messaging, I hope today’s post offers some semblance of help. 

The following can be expressed on social media, via a podcast, email marketing, in a community of some kind. Rather than limiting yourself to where these can take place, ask yourself how yourself how you can apply this to your sales and marketing strategy.

My suggestion – Specifically if you have ongoing enrollment (not hard open and close launches):

Try or refine “mini trainings”

2-3 times per week choose from the following – followed by, or including a HARD CALL TO ACTION that makes sense for your offer or service. Ie: “apply to work with me here” – link “If this sounds like something you’d like more help with, click here” – link. Again, think email, Instagram story, podcast plug. Apply it wherever your people are. But if you aren’t actually SELLING and TALKING ABOUT YOUR OFFER, ain’t no body going to pay you money honey.


Use a conversation you’ve had with a client – past or present that you know is valuable to more people in your audience. That you know is valuable to your prospects.

Address a common theme you’ve seen with clients. This can come up organically while checking in with them or you can reflect now on common themes – successes, struggles, questions your ideal clients have had during their time with you. And then ideally share how working with you helped to get them to “x” or mitigate the issue. What process or approach did you use? This allows your greater onlookers to see themselves in the scenario.

Apply these to your larger audience with a helpful insight or tip.

  • You’ll only feel like you’re selling all the time if you’re thinking about that LAST once sentence call to action rather than PROVIDING VALUE and helpful information to the people on your email list, social media audience or elsewhere. Focus on helping first, tacking on the sale last. It’s less than 10% of what you’re sharing here.


Bite size digestible live of information you can share with your larger audience – I call these mini trainings as stated above. But you don’t need to announce it. Just organically teach with a bit more structure and purpose than usual. Pull from your coaching process or a service of yours and share a tidbit on how to make an improvement. People will be like “wow she helped me FOR FREE, wonder what she can do when I give her my money?!”


Take your audience behind client check ins, movement analysis, program choices, an approach you used. All of these allow your audience to put themselves in your clients shoe – they can see themselves as a client of your service. Plan a frequency, stick to it, track it, then you can say what’s working and what’s not.

Option 4: TELL A STORY

Share the why behind your approach, your offer or service. What personal story can you share that led to the creation of this? To the creation of your process that you use with your clients. What gap did you see or feel? How are you filling it now? And can you invite your prospects into that solution?

Sales is communication. There is a gap in communication and or frequency if you’re not making sales. And I hope that these four options can help provide some clarity to both you, and your audience if you apply them.

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