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August 1, 2022

Why Six Figures in 90 Days is a Joke For Online Fitness Professionals

Why six figures in 90 days is a joke.

Today you’re going to get a hard lesson in business. Perhaps an unpopular narrative – particularly if you’re in the online health and fitness space.

The enticing promise of being a digital nomad, working in the online space, and specifically working for. yourself is FREEDOM. But it doesn’t stop there. Time freedom is promised but so is FINANCIAL FREEDOM. There seems to be this idea that not only can you make six figures in 90 days if you just join so and so’s accelerator mastermind; but it’s EASY and you’ll barely have to work.

I literally cannot roll my eyes back far enough for this narrative.

Why, especially if we come from a health and fitness background, would we think that there is a quick fix to fast results for building a profitable business? We know damn well that is not the case with wellness, and it’s rarely the case for anything requiring a process. Right?

Here’s my two cents, for what it’s worth. I get it. You need to make money. You’re trying to have a business here, not a part time hobby. And the desperation can be rooted in ACTUAL scarcity, rather than the oh so trendy, “scarcity” mindset.

Although many coaches want to have online businesses, I don’t think every business model makes sense for every business or person’s life. The same approach is not going to cut it for the stay at home mom with two kids and the college kid, living the single life with nothing but time. That’s why I believe in using business principles to build your business, your way.

Having clarity on the following is how you will begin taking action with informed direction:

  • Your brand identity
  • What results you offer (your philosophy + how you help)
  • Who you work with (your ideal client avatar) – don’t know yours? Get my free download here.
  • What your sales strategy is (sales calls, applications, funnels, etc)
  • Your offer (deliverables, platforms, outcomes)
  • Your process (how does the offer actually yield the results?)

If you’re clear on those things, and market them well, then you have the foundation for profitability. You of course need to deliver on that clarity to continue to be profitable.

Listen, we (online business coaches in health and fitness) are all out here selling the systems and approaches that have worked for us. If six figures in 90 days is the promise someone sells, and it works, go team. That is simply not what I bought into a remote strength coach trying to build my biz. Have a listen for what I DO SELL and offer through my courses. It is not a done for you, plug and chug system, but it WILL lead to a business that fits your life.

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