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August 27, 2018

Why Working “Smarter not Harder” is False

Working Harder + Smarter

I grew up in a very hard working household; but it was not one of high or even middle class income. For me, working hard was something you did because it was expected, and it was a part of your character. We were proud to be hard workers. But working hard was NOT synonymous with making money or being “successful” in financial terms.

News flash, working harder does not equal more income.

I know, sit down for this one. Plenty of people in this world work harder than you can even imagine and make $5 a day for that work. On the other side of the coin, there are people who haven’t worked a hard day in their life and are financially “successful.” Tracking? Hard work = money = NOT TRUE.

Listen, I might be one of the biggest advocates I know for working hard and shutting up. I am also a fan of enjoying life and being EFFICIENT.  I am not a fan of having my time wasted, whether that’s my own doing or someone else’s. A person can work VERY hard and make little to no money. A person can also work VERY hard and not be efficient.

This is why the “just work harder” and “work smarter not harder” mentality is flawed.

My suggestion? DO BOTH. 

Work harder AND smarter.

Aim to get more work done in less amount of time without sacrificing quality and value of that work. You feel me?

I am in no way suggesting to lower your work ethic or even “do less.” I am suggesting quite the opposite. Challenge your work ethic. How can you make the most of your work ethic + the system you use it for?

Do more in less time for the same or better outcome. This idea is not just for business owners. You can apply this to working out, to planning, to your current job.  How can you be MORE EFFICIENT without sacrificing work ethic and value.

Let me make myself clear because I can hear some brains turning…

This is not lazy. This should not make you feel guilty. It should bring you joy. Because when you adopt this mindset shift, you get more TIME to do what brings you FREEDOM. You have more time to serve others, to rest, to be present with loved ones, to be in a creative space, or to practice self care – whatever that may look like for you.

So, I ask you, how can you work smarter AND harder? Get innovative, get systematic, and get efficient, get focused, and create MORE time for freedom.

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  1. Trish says:

    Girl…you’re speaking to my soul! I also come from a family of “work hard but not necessarily get the rewarding outcome for that hard work”. It requires a huge shift in perspective, and then in behavior. Efficiency…YES PLEASE! Thanks for sharing this article.

    • Annie Miller says:

      Oh hey girl! I am just now seeing this comment. #professionalblogger lol. Thanks for the support friend!

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