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May 26, 2021

Why You Should Consider Training Barefoot

why you should consider training barefoot with Annie Miller

Why you should consider training barefoot.

The human foot is a magnificent thing in the role it plays in weight lifting, and movement in general. You may be missing out on awareness, and foot contact/force transfer if you’ve never moved shoeless.

I saw @squatuniversity post that said something along the lines of “if feet had six packs, people would spend more time focusing on them.” Amen and hallelujah.

The removal of shoes is a request I have made of almost every client of mine. LET ME SEE THOSE FEET. Not because I am a bonafide creep, but because your feet are POWERFUL. They are your root system.

How your little piggies interact with the floor can dictate how the rest of your body moves and feels. Quick lesson. Your big toe starts the chain.

  • Big toe should be MOBILE
  • Foot should be STABLE
  • Ankle, MOBILE
  • Knee, STABLE
  • Hip, MOBILE
  • Lumbar, STABLE
  • Thoracic, MOBILE
  • Scapula, STABLE
  • Shoulder, MOBILE
  • Elbow, STABLE
  • Wrist, MOBILE


While all joints should be able to MOVE, in regards to efficient movement without energy leaks, this list above the “joint by joint approach.” (see Grey Cook and all of this work). And this joint by joint idea starts with, none other than, YOUR FEET.

Hopefully you can see how your foot being mobile when it’s job is to be stable would create issues up the chain? YOU SEE?!

Take your damn shoes off. Feel zee earth. Spread ‘em. Grip it. Screw in. AND LIFT.

Seriously though. With safety in mind, take your shoes-ies off and just start by paying attention to your feet + how they interact with the floor. Promise you’ll notice all the things. And yes, they will likely be sore the next day.

You do not by any means need to train without shoes always and forever. But I do think there are potential benefits of training certain movements without shoes at some point.

Where my barefoot trainers at?!

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