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March 31, 2020

065 | How to Deal With Inconsistency

Dealing with Inconsistency on the FitsPRO podcast with Annie Miller


My goal for this episode is not to stop inconsistency for good, or give you a three step process to be consistent with everything always, but to help form a new mindset around inconsistency and give you some important questions to ask in that process.

We can’t talk about inconsistency without first having SOMETHING we’re trying to be consistent with.

You have a goal, you tell yourself you’re going to do it and then you keep falling short. We’ve literally all been there. You want to swear less, be more present with your kids, get to the gym 5 days per week, add in your cardio, start doing mobility, get eight hours of sleep, work three hours per week on your biz, whatever. This can be in a relationship, in the gym, with a specific area of health or fitness, with your kids, or with your business. Anywhere you could possibly have a goal of being consistent, you can fall short.

That’s what we’re exploring today – how to deal with that lack of consistency when you see it happening, particularly over and over again.

Just as a preface – I’ll be speaking from working with my training clients and business clients; as well as my own personal experience with inconsistency.

First off, I can tell you right now that shaming yourself and sitting in the “I’m just a failure” puddle of guilt is not going to benefit you.

So that’s def NOT the ticket to dealing with inconsistency. Listen to me now – inconsistency is simply a data point from which we can dissect WHY that inconsistency is happening and then make the needed adjustments.

I want you to embrace that – not literally embracing inconsistency, but inconsistency as a simple piece of data. Not a weight attached to your lack of abilities or self worth.

That’s the mindset shift piece of this.

Then comes the question – why is the inconsistency happening?

We’re simply collecting data so we can do better fam.

When a 1:1 client of mine seems to be struggling with adherence to their program or goals, we ask WHY?

There are three possible answers here.

1.) The goal needs to change

2.) You’re legit just being lazy and we need to build a new habit/embrace the grind and build some momentum

3.) The environment around the goal needs to change

When I say environment I mean that the goal is legit, it is not the problem, but life and scenario around that goal is moldable and needs to change.

Maybe the client wants to get 3 lifts per week in and is only getting 1 or 2.

We’re going to walk through this example. Feel free to apply it to whatever area of life you’re experiencing inconsistency with.

Option 1 – the goal needs to change. We’d choose this if nothing in the client’s life can change. She’s doing everything and legit cannot get all programmed days in. We need to either drop expected days, or embrace the body weight at home options.

Option 2 – Client is being lazy, building momentum in the wrong direction and simply needs to turn it around. They just need to get it done. We need a kickstart, the one week of consistency that will lead to her making choices she wants to be making. Sometimes it really is that simple: it’s not one big thing, it’s just getting the work done. The grind, if you will. Sometimes we just have to grind.

Option 3 – Client is choosing to go out 1 or 2 nights per week. This includes a few drinks and that all leads to less sleep in those nights, lower weekly average of sleep, lack of motivation and momentum the next day. Which then leads to shame and feeling bloated, and like a failure… sounds aggressive and slightly dramatic, but that’s the story for this example and it’s real for a lot of people.

In this case life outside of training can change. Perhaps social life is a bit of a sacrifice, but it can indeed change and getting three days of training in is more important than the aftermath of those nights. Not to mention she’s in her 30’s now, so it takes a HAWT minute to recover from these 1-2 nights.

She KNOWS 100% that she will feel so much better when she chooses to set boundaries in life and get to the gym, so we keep the goal, and change the life. We set boundaries in work and social life. We commit to a bedtime and night routine. Very simple habits that have massive effect.

That’s how we DEAL with inconsistency.

Our brains will choose autopilot and the path of least resistance. If we’re not helping them out in that process, they will repeat history. I think it’s something like 40% of our daily decisions are subconscious.

That’s why I am such a big fan of stopping and asking questions.

Where’s your brain at?

You’re experiencing inconsistency.


Is it the goal?

Is it simple choice changes? Do you need to embrace the grind, knowing that will help build momentum in the right direction?

Is it specific controllable factors outside of the goal?

Inconsistency is a part of life. It’s going to happen. But we can make better choices and take action to improve consistency along the way.

My hope is that we’ve made the process of experiencing inconsistency, asking why and changing course, a digestible, executable one.

If you’re really finding that you’re inconsistent, and want to be consistent, then YOU HAVE OPTIONS.

You’re not inconsistent because you’re a piece of shit, or useless, or there’s something wrong with you, or because you’ll never ever succeed.

Your lack of consistency is simply a data point. It’s a fact. You’re not being consistent.

That’s the observation.


Find the why, change the whatever factor needs to change that will have the largest effect towards consistency.


Short, simple questions to ask when you find yourself less that pleased with your level of consistency.

And with that, stay in the data observation state of mind and be prepared to practice trial and error. You’re always making progress. Learning what your road blocks are, and what your pivotal actions tend to be.

For instance, I know lack of sleep is a road block for me, and drinking water early in the morning is a pivotal action for me. It just leads to better overall choices throughout my day in every area.

Okay, I’m done!

I hope you’re more consistent after this episode! If you change nothing, you’ll def stay where you are. You 100% will not improve consistency by repeating what you’re doing now. I can promise you that.

Review of the week comes from jjynot22 and says,

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Dealing with Inconsistency on the FitsPRO podcast with Annie Miller

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