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March 26, 2020

2019 Morocco Trip With FRÉ Skincare

Photo of Annie Miller on FRÉ Skincare trip to Morocco
Photo of Annie Miller using FRÉ Skincare on trip to Morocco

FRÉ Skincare is a company who I have been truly honored to partner with and represent over the past 2-3 years. Just for some background – FRÉ Skincare is a female-forward company owned by two men, Mickael and Michael. You can read more about their background and specific mission here. And more about how FRÉ gives back, here.

All you need to know is: FRÉ Skincare approached me 2-3 years ago. I tried their 123 Set and saw a noticeable difference in my skin within one week.

I soon after became an early ambassador, and absolutely fell in love with the company as a whole. The products were reason enough to stick around, but the owners, their small team, and their social mission were huge motivators for me. Real humans, making high quality products, with good hearts. That’s what I am about. If you’re in my fam, you know that. And you likely love FRÉ Skincare for the same reasons.

By early 2019 I’d become their top ambassador, much to my surprise.

With the news, FRÉ invited Nathanael and I to join some of the FRÉ team and two other ambassadors in Morocco.

Our experience in Morocco is what I am recapping for you today. Not per request of FRÉ or anyone else, but because I am so grateful for that opportunity and experience. And I would love to share that you. Yes, you. That’s what I do. I have experiences, and I share them. On the gram, through my podcast, on this blog – in business, fitness, and life.

So, let’s flashback to Morocco, May 2019.

Annie Miller with Glow Me in Morocco
Annie Miller shares her experience with FRÉ Skincare in Morocco

One of the main purposes of this short trip was to meet the women who harvest the argan plants. So often we use products with little idea of where they come from, what went into creating them, or who is behind the production. This trip essentially bridged that gap, BIG TIME.

The “mother” ingredient in most of FRÉ Skincare’s products is argan oil, or their Argania Active Complex©. It comes from Argan trees which only grow in a certain region of Morocco. FRÉ partners with co-ops who employ women in these regions. The women plant and harvest the trees then crack open the argan seeds before being ground into oil.

Day 1 with FRÉ Skincare – First Co-op

We spent one day with the women in one of two co-ops. We heard their stories, shared ours, showed ALL of the gratitude, watched some local teenagers perform music and dancing, planted a tree and attempted to do their daily job of cracking the argan seeds. I was EMBARRASSINGLY terrible at it. To crack an argan seed, you take a flat rock in one hand, and set the seed on a larger platform-like rock with the other and then smash. You see, this seems simple, but there is clearly technique involved….technique that does NOT come naturally to me.

The little old lady you see in the first photo didn’t know how old she was, which I found charming. And I thought she was beautiful. You can see the translation going down in the second photo. I am, and always have been, drawn to older people. I love their stories, wisdom, and lack of care for what others think. They’re refreshing to me. So, no surprise I was most interested in her and her story.

Annie meeting local women who help produce FRÉ Skincare
The Miller's meet a woman with FRÉ Skincare in Morocco
Annie Miller learning about Argan oil production
Men doing Traditional Moroccan dancing with FRÉ Skincare
Annie Miller with the FRÉ Skincare team in Morocco
Annie Miller working with part of the FRÉ Skincare team in Morocco

After visiting the first of two co-ops, we had an attempted photoshoot in the desert, but it was SO WINDY that sand was literally filling my ear and getting stuck all up in my eye lashes. My concern was for the camera-men’s equipment. I figured sand can’t be good for the mechanisms inside fancy-pants DSLR’s, right?

Although the lighting and scenery was a win, we simply could not get any quality content with the weather condition, so we headed back to town for the evening.

Landscape in Morocco with FRÉ Skincare
Image of Riding camels in Morocco with FRÉ Skincare team

Essaouira, Morocco

We stayed in the beautiful city of Essaouira, Morocco (Game of Thrones filming site for all you G.O.T. lovers out there). There wasn’t much time to explore, but we managed to have a small tour. The streets within the main walls are lined with vendors, colorful artisan goods, and little shops. Definitely feels like you’re in a different place and time. And the ocean here was no joke. She beats against those rocks like she means business.

The hotel lent me the traditional Moroccan dress you see in the photos below. We all wore them to dinner one night, including the men. I was honestly banking on taking mine home, but that understandably didn’t happen.

Views of Essaouira, Morocco by Annie Miller
Ocean views from Morocco by Annie Miller
Exploring Essaouira, Morocco with FRÉ Skincare by Annie Miller
Annie Miller in traditional dress in Essaouira, Morocco with FRÉ Skincare
Annie and Nate Miller in traditional dress in Morocco with FRÉ Skincare

Day 2 with FRÉ Skincare – Second Co-op

We spent our other day at the second co-op, eating and dancing with the women who work there. This co-op was different. When we arrived, they were singing and chanting together. They were…more lively.

This was where we not only saw the cracking of the argan seed, but the churning and processing of the seeds into oil. Again with the bridging the gap idea. We asked some of the women what they do for fun. Many said “nothing,” some said “dancing.”

And so we danced. It was by far my favorite part of this day. We also attempted to take them through a little workout, but ended up dancing anyway. Which was just fine with me. After some legit activity in the Moroccan heat, we ate a traditional meal that they prepared for us.

The language barrier was REAL, but I hope these women felt the love and appreciation we had for them. What they do matters. It matters for A LOT of people, all over the world. And I just want people to know (my humans anyway).

Learning about the process of creating FRÉ Skincare in Morocco
Annie Miller meeting the women who help produce FRÉ Skincare
Moroccan women working with argan seeds for FRÉ Skincare
Annie Miller dancing with FRÉ Skincare team in Morocco
FRÉ Skincare ambassadors dancing in Morocco
Group photo with FRÉ Skincare
Photo of Ambassadors and owners of FRÉ Skincare

“We empower women, we protect the planet.”

They made their mission abundantly clear on this trip. FRÉ Skincare walks the walk and talks the talk, far more than any other company I’ve worked with or purchased from. I couldn’t be happier that we connected because of Instagram over two years ago and I never imagined THIS is what would come of my relationship with a skincare company. #influencer.

Later this year, Nathanael and I are heading to Israel to spend another week with Mickael, Micheal, the FRÉ team and a few other ambassadors and we are both SO excited. Nate absolutely adores the owners and thoroughly enjoyed his time with them last May.

This company does it all, truly. They support women in more ways than you can imagine. They support the planet, sustainability and giving back; and they support their community of customers and ambassadors. Quality and authenticity at it’s finest. I clearly cannot say enough good things about FRÉ.

Here’s to many more years of FRÉnship and top notch skincare.

I can’t wait to share our experience in Israel with you. Thanks for coming along for ride. And THANK YOU THE MOST if you’ve ever used my code or purchased from FRÉ Skincare. This is what you’re supporting.

You can always use code FDBA to save at least 15% on your purchase of any set or product. Remember, they’ll plant a tree of life (argan tree) for every set sold. Plus they have a 30 day money back guarantee. Many thanks.

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