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August 25, 2020

084 | Selling With The Written Word

Selling without sales calls with Annie Miller

If there’s one thing that I have become known for in the online health and fitness space (from a business standpoint), it’s the fact that I don’t use and have never used sales calls to generate revenue.

This is not a magic trick. Just like sales calls, there are specific tactics and pieces that make a sales call successful or not. And the same goes for a sales page.

I did an Instagram post about this recently but in Fitspro Foundations I teach my nine step sales page blueprint for sales pages that actually sell. Even with these nine steps, a sales page will not be effective if the sales copy does not connect to and adequately communicate with the ideal client.

Today I am going to cover four pieces of sales copy and considerations that you need to get clear on when you are creating sales emails, sales pages or sales content for your offers. This will apply to almost any offer in the health and fitness space.

Even if you do use sales calls, this is still valuable information, and information that you should consider in whatever your sales process looks like.

The first of the four is old, but true and highly effective in connecting your potential buyers.

Pain and pleasure points

If you have been in sales for any period of time you have likely heard about pain and pleasure points. That’s because humans are motivated to take action based on a pain and pleasure. These sound dramatic and aggressive and can feel manipulative if you are not using them from a place of empathy and compassion.

Your ideal client is likely going to hire you to help them with something that they have been unable to do on their own. We know that. But we need to effectively communicate that we understand where the ideal client is currently. What thoughts are they having and what experiences they may have had in the past. 

These are your pain points. The pain points represent the current state that the client is in. From a mental, literal, and emotional standpoint.

You can see where this would be a difficult thing to identify if you are not crystal clear on your ideal client and on your offer.

That’s also why in Fitspro Foundations we identify the ideal client first and then the offer, and then sales later on in the program.

I suggest having 4 to 6 pain points. And the more specific, the better. Again on your sales page or in your sales email or spread out within sales content, you are going to address and identify these 4 to 6 pain points. She is unsatisfied with where she is now but what does that look like?

What is she unsatisfied with? What frustrations does she have? What thoughts does she have in regards to the topic of your offer?

This is what we are talking about when business coaches say to get inside your ideal client’s brain. It is not from a manipulative standpoint. It is so that you can further understand her. Because if she doesn’t feel met and seen where she is right now, she’s certainly not going to trust you to get her desired outcome.

These pain points may be very straightforward or very “in the feels” depending on what your offer is and what your coaching style is as well.

As far as pleasure points go, the way I teach it is that the pleasure points are where your client desires to be.

So we covered that pain points are your client’s current state. That makes the pleasure points where your client would like to be. Again this can be a literal thing or an emotional state. Perhaps they would like to feel neutral about their body or food. Or they would like to re-comp their body. Perhaps they’d just like to be consistent. Those would all be communicated very differently.

Same goes for pleasure points. Choose 4 to 6. And they can be exact opposites of the pain points or completely different. Again so much of this depends on your personal ideal client your offer and your coaching style. You have to know these things before you can create effective and authentic sales copy.

We use pain and pleasure points to connect with our ideal client. The pain points allow her to feel seen and believe that we understand where she is at right now and then the joy points help her see what could be. She may be aware of this or may not even be able to fathom those results yet. Either way the joy points are the future outcome.

You will use these pain and pleasure points on your sales page for sure, as well as throughout sales emails or sales content. You could create one single video covering one of the pain points and one of the pleasure points. There really is no limit here beyond your creativity and how you want to communicate these to your ideal client.

To piggyback off of pain and pleasure points, we will hop into number two. Which is:

Using specific examples.

I find that a downfall of most sales copy is that it is far too generic. Which equals a lack of connection. And we need connection to make the sale.

That comes back to if you’re talking to everyone you’re talking to no one. It is vital that your ideal client feels like you are writing directly to them. Specific examples help us do that and I’m going to explain how by using some scenarios.

I know that niching down and writing to one human can feel like you’re not going to get as many sales or you’re going to turn people away. Well here’s some news for you. We want to turn people away with our sales copy. We want to be clear who our program is for and who it is not for. This is how we avoid getting clients that we do not enjoy or will not get results from our program.

So let’s say you have a program that is for people who have done group fitness, but they want to enter the free weights section and start barbell training on their own. So obviously they are not confident and they need guidance in order to do this, right?

Rather than saying that “you’ve done group fitness in the past” we can be more specific by saying “you’ve done something like Orange Theory or F45 and Boot Camp style classes.”

When I said F45 and Orange Theory you got a picture of those in your mind. Maybe they’re someone who has has a membership at Anytime Fitness or Planet Fitness.

Using these specific examples helps to paint a clearer picture of who this is for.

And before you get up in arms about “what if they haven’t done those classes though?!” I will point out the best part of getting more specific with your copy.

Even if someone has just taken group classes at their local LA fitness, they are still going to resonate with someone who does F45 or Orange Theory. Make sense?

Using those examples doesn’t eliminate other group fitness. That’s so important to grasp.

Being specific and using examples will only give your potential clients something to relate to on a deeper and clearer level.

So ask yourself what your ideal client has done in the past? What is his or her experience with the topic of your offer?

On the nutrition or even mental health side, have they counted macros before? Have they tried Whole 30? Have they been to counseling?

How can you better connect to your ideal client and their journey thus far?

And on the flip side, this applies to your joy points and where your potential client wants to be as well.

Give specific examples of what results with you look like.

Instead of saying they’ll feel confident in their skin, describe that.

They’ll walk past a mirror without the reflexive response of looking in it only to immediately pick their body apart. 

Won’t think twice before wearing the shorts.

They’ll see their cellulite and not love it, but perhaps not feel anything.

Those paint a much clearer picture than “you’ll feel confident in your body.”

Even for Built By Annie – I could say you won’t have to worry about what to do in the gym.

But what does that look like?

It looks like showing up to the gym, opening their TrueCoach app and following the plan. Tempo, sets and rep, warm up, cool down, it’s all there, every day.

Get specific. Use examples to communicate.

And I stress yet again that if you do not know your ideal client, this will be a very challenging task. It’s challenging enough when you do understand your ideal client. If you need help identifying your ideal client, download my free Ideal Client Creator. I will link it in the show notes.

Next up! This one is so important and not actually something I teach on in FitsPRO Foundations.

That is #3:

Types of buyers

Your sales copy needs to connect to different personalities. While your ideal client may be an introvert or an extrovert, you are still going to have versions of your ideal client that are motivated to buy for different reasons. And it is your job in your sales copy to make sure you cover those reasons.

I am sure there is a book on specific types of buyers and I do not know what that is, and actually, I don’t even know what the specific names would be. I just know what I tend to do and teach when it comes to sales copy.

You for sure have four types of buyers. And I’m sure there’s more.

But the four that I recognize most in my own experience are

  • the person who needs details and information to understand the process.
  • People who need that emotional connection. They need to feel seen and heard.
  • And people who are after the result. If you tell them that you can get them the result they are sold. They don’t care what the process looks like.
  • People who literally buy for the fear of missing out. They just don’t want to let the opportunity pass them by.

Therefore, your sales copy and or sales page needs to connect to each of these types of buyers.

We already covered the person who needs to feel seen and heard through the pain and pleasure points.

The person who needs information in detail is the person who is going to scroll to the “what’s included” section or “the process” section of your sales page.

This person wants to feel like they are getting what they paid for and that there will be no surprises along the way.

Have a clear breakdown of your offer and what they will get, and this customer is happy.

As for the results oriented person, this is why it is so important that you have a big takeaway, or a promise of your offer. Not every offer is going to be some monumental weight loss or something so dramatic.

Take Built by Annie for instance.

I sell the fact that they will enjoy their time in the gym again and learn in the process. 

That’s my sell. And that’s what I have to deliver on.

That has to be clear though because if it’s not then what are they buying? Just another strength program?

It’s very important that we are crystal clear on what the result of our program or service is. And that goes for this type of buyer but truly all types of buyers.

That leads us into our last and possibly most overlooked piece of sales copy and sales pages.


How they get the result

Having a signature process or method is highly effective in selling your service or program. Having a tried and proven process. That sounds a lot better than just beating around the bush and saying that they’ll feel confident in their body.

So inside of fitsPRO foundations I teach a client lifespan which is essentially your client experience from finding you to signing up, going through your program, and terminating with you.

This can be a very extensive process but as far as your sales copy and sales page goes, ideally you do have some sort of process that they will be following, some methodology that you’ll be practicing. And it’s important that you clearly communicate that on your sales page and in your sales copy because it is in fact how they are going to get the promised result.

If you have never looked at that before, I suggest that you do, and you included in your sales copy and sales page for sure. We don’t need to overwhelm the prospect with too much information, but we should at least be able to communicate our process within our offer.

If it’s a simple one time purchase this is not going to be a super extensive part of your sales. In that case it would be more important that you are communicating what is involved, and maybe the layout of that offer or how to use it.

Those are them! That applies to your sales page, sales emails, and sales content. We should include pain and pleasure points, specific examples, appeal to tall four types of buyers, and be able to effectively communicate what is involved and the process within the offer.  

Review of the week comes from 93jp931290 and says,

“I’ve been bingeing all of Annie’s content on Instagram and her podcast and I’m about to give her all my money between her business courses and her strength training programs. I love the way she approaches business and strength training, it’s so different than pretty much anyone else out there and it’s helped me in my journey. Thank you Annie!”

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Selling without sales calls with Annie Miller

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