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September 15, 2020

086 | 3 Ways To Improve Your Content

3 ways to improve your content with coach Annie Miller

I straight up felt the need to create this episode based on some of the content I’ve seen on the gram in the past few months. Some of it is spot on and absolutely amazing. Some of it is, well, not – which leads to today’s post of 3 ways to improve your content.

Not all content is for everyone. I rarely do IGTVs, while I follow professionals who post multiple per week. I’d say it’s their main form of content.

Old school feed posts and stories are my form of content. Feed is education. Stories is real life, behind the scenes or further education.

It can feel like you have to do it all. And I am here to tell you that you don’t, but whatever you choose to do, it needs to work. You feel me?

So today my hope is to help you improve your content, specifically on Instagram. Better content ideally leads to higher interaction. Higher interaction leads to higher reach, and over time, a bigger, devoted audience. Which is goals.

These are options. Meaning you can use them all or only one. It’s not a step by step process, rather a toolbox to pull from.

First up – this one is something I have mentioned many times but to this day leads to my best content. HANDS DOWN.

Create content based on your clients

Obviously you need to have or have had clients for this to happen. But stick around for number three if you do not yet have clients. And even if you serve no clients yet, still listen. Because this will make your content  creation so much easier in the future.

If a client asks a question, hello – create a post on said topic. Shoot, think of three ways you can talk about said topic! Why?

Because you’re currently at your desk, thinking of what your potential ideal client needs from you. What content are they wanting. What are they wondering about…?

YOUR ACTUAL CLIENT JUST ANSWERED THAT FOR YOU. If your clients have a question, most of the time, it’s pretty safe to bet that your audience is wondering the same thing. Or they don’t even know they need it, but they do. And now, you’ve heard them. 

This is not limited to questions either. Often I create posts, and I know my colleagues create posts just based on conversations they’ve had with a client. A struggle, or success, or topic in general comes up. And you’re like, oh yes, I should make a post about this.

It’s truly a rather cyclical thing – you create content that attracts your audience, small percentage become clients, clients help create your content that then does an even better job of attracting the right clients, so on and so forth.

Definitely worth paying attention to if you have not yet done so and do in fact have clients currently.

Next up. You might not love this, but it’s super freaking simple, obvious, and also works.

Look at your metrics and those within the industry (market research)

Keep doing what does well…

It’s true that there are 50 exercises to work the glutes…but if we know that 5-6 work really well for us, isn’t wise to just stick with those 5-6 but alter load, variations, time under tension and so on?

Same goes for content! SAME SAME MY FRIEND.

It’s market research time. What does well for you? You can’t actually see this inside Instagram unless you’re a business account. And if you are in fact attempting to build a brand on the insta, you should be a business account.

Look at your insights.

I literally give you a chart inside Instagram 101 for tracking content by what does well with shares, saves, likes, comments, and reach. But you can do this without my chart. We want to look at all of these factors because you’ll start to see trends.

What type of content does well all across the board? Maybe it shows up in your top content for shares, saves, and reach. You should probs make more of that content. Right?

This also allows you to see what types of content tend to do certain things for you. Some subjects or literal types of contents (like infographic vs video) are more savable or sharable. So you can gain more realistic expectations and even start to drive up those metrics based on your knowledge of what types of content do certain things for you and your brand.

I am telling you, numbers are the bees knees. They provide context and guidance so we don’t feel like we’re on the constant grind and emotional rollercoaster of the gram.

I am bias but I highly suggest my Instagram 101 course. If anything for shifting your mindset about how you show up and respond to the insta.

So, look at your metrics – take some notes.

If you see trends, make an effort for a month or two to intentionally create and focus on content that does best for you.

Ask your audience what they want:

If you don’t have clients yet, then poll your audience.

You’ve got options here. You can literally poll them in your stories and straight up ask for content ideas.

Or you can make a post and ask them to comment Y or N if the post was helpful.

You can make a post and ask them to comment what content they’d like to see. Or have them post questions in your stories.

You could post a poll in your story with a quiz or options or post subjects as well. Like “this or that” options.

Don’t limit yourself to one of these approaches or asking your audience one time.

As you refine your message and your audience, your content will shift too. And you’ll revisit your post categories, and what sits best with your audience.

If you can view your platform and your followers as a relationship, I think this becomes easier. You’re simply welcoming these people into a conversation to you. It’s honestly just communication.

You’re leading your audience. But we all know leaders who are shit at communicating. They aren’t good leaders. Great leaders communicate and care for their team. Do you give a shit about your team?

I certainly hope so. They’re quite literally going to help you build a reputable brand on the gram. You need them. So treat them well, and bring them into that process. You know?

You’re here for them. You are ultimately creating content that is unique to you, yes, but you’re making it in hopes of helping them. In some way shape or form. Encourage them to DM you, ask them questions, call them out. And don’t stop.

The more your audience sees audience members interacting with you, the more welcome other members feel to do the same.

Which all leads to better content. You’ll get into more conversations and then everything we talked about with creating content based on client interactions, now applies here.

I am constantly creating content based on comments or DM’s from followers. Again with the cycle of content creation. For instance I make a post about Bulgarian split squats and then someone asks about the set up and I am like, oh sweet, I’ll have to make a post about that too.

The other week, a colleague tagged me in a question that one of her followers had, and I realized I hadn’t made a post on the spectrum of strength vs hypertrophy rep schemes. I drew a quick example in my stories, but then created a post.

So, really just keep your eyes peeled and always be looking for content opportunities. Yes, ask your audience, and your clients, look at your metrics. But also, hone in on your content creation muscle.

You got this. The content is within you. I can feel it.

And remember, the more content you put out, the more data and feedback you have to work with. It’s all feedback. It’s all data. Stop tip toeing, and start throwin’ down and leading your audience.

Review of the week comes from Brittarch28 and says,

“I love everything about this podcast because it really does cover things from the perspective of the coach, trainee and entrepreneur. I fit in all of these boxes so this has been an incredible resource for helping me become better in all aspects of life. My advice for anyone listening from entrepreneurial reasons: listen when you have a pen and paper around, seriously. Annie gives actionable steps and really lays the foundation for building a successful business. I have listened to episodes more than once because I would initially listen on my morning dog walks and then have to go back and take notes. Thanks Annie for incredible content!”

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3 ways to improve your content with coach Annie Miller

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