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February 16, 2021

104 | How To Diversify or Repurpose Your Content

Helloooo and welcome back! You already know I am going to shamelessly ask you to leave a review. It’s free info that can literally change your biz, training and life – hopefully for the better. So if you can, please head over to iTunes and give your girl 5 stars + a written review. It really does help more than you know. Much love either way. 

And now, let’s dive in to to how to diversify and repurpose your content

First, choose your main platform – where will you provide the most consistent free value?

How we decide that is by asking a few questions:
Where is your audience already at?
Where can we most organically insert ourselves into their lives?

What type of content do you enjoy creating?
Are you gifted at video?
Connecting the dots?
Where can you do that best?

Choose your main platform. For me, that’s Instagram.

Then, choose a second platform which can support or be completely independent of the primary platform.

For me this is my podcast. I have a lot to say, I enjoy the versatility of the content I can create. And people love podcasts. I prefer this to making YouTube videos. Which would be another option for me.

I don’t organically spend time on YouTube, and I much prefer the efficiency of creating, editing and posting a podcast versus video.

And, truly I think my ideal client prefers listening to informative and inspiring podcasts rather than watching YouTube videos, no matter their value.

Perhaps your secondary platform is a Facebook page where you provide live videos or use the content you’ve created on Instagram to also post in your Facebook group or page.

Pinterest is another platform that people sleep on. You’ve heard me talk about this multiple times now. Pinterest is my third platform that I am on.

Also, it’s worth noting that I lump my podcast and my blog into one category but technically those would be two different platforms. My blog is obviously hosted on my blog page of my website, as are my podcast show notes. But the podcast itself can be found on Spotify and Apple podcast and other podcast platforms so those would technically be two separate platforms.

To reiterate, just so that you have a visual, my first platform is Instagram. Then we have the blog and podcast. Those are my top two platforms, OK?

You’re going to choose your primary platform and then choose a secondary platform where you create likely, a different kind of content.

Then we start to diversify that content

Truthfully, you can do whatever the hell you want. Either way, I want tto make sure that you understand the main take away from this episode. Which is to get your content in front of as many of the right people as possible.

Keep in mind that I am several years into this. But you could start doing this from day one. Do what you have the time, space, and capacity for.

So, if my top two platforms are Instagram and my podcast/blog, then I choose which platforms are going to take that content further and spread it out like a web.

Picture Instagram at the center of my web. And then maybe the blog and podcast as two other offshoots. And then we have Pinterest which takes that content and put it on a search engine.

Pinterest works similar to Google. Which favors searchable content. This is something that, at this time, is lacking on Instagram.

You can go to different directions with your web. Some people, and I think this is more common back when blogging was bigger, create a longer form blog post, and then pull that and create several Instagram posts from that one piece of blog content.

I am currently going in the opposite direction, because I have so much Instagram content to pull from and re-purpose.

So I now have two blogs per week scheduled not including Podcast show notes through July based on Instagram posts that I can turn into blog post and then send to Pinterest.

Pinterest then directs people to that blog post and ideally I get more people, or more traffic, to my website and they either stick around for a while or eventually join one of my mailing lists.

You could totally do this by posting your blog post to Facebook. While this is not a search engine, it is totally another platform where you could diversify your content and get it in front of more of the right people.

You also want to make sure that if you are creating blog content, that you are using something like Yoast SEO.

This is a plug-in on word press and it basically gives you tips on how to improve your search engine optimization for things like a Google. 

So if you go to Google and type in Annie Miller and then the subject that you would like to know or a blog title, that would come up first thing on Google if I have proper search engine optimization.

All right, I feel like we’ve bounced around quite a bit. So I want to reign it back in.

Let’s address some important points, I guess, as to why I bring up diversifying and repurposing content.

We don’t own social media.

I am not the first or last person to say that. But it’s a fact. This is why building your mailing list and having your content on your actual site can be a safer route in the long run then simply allowing that content to live solely on a social media platform.

So I have all of my podcast episodes saved and they’re hosted on the show notes on my blog in addition to on actual podcast platforms. I am currently taking all past Instagram content that makes sense for blog posts, and turning them into blog post so that I have that content in copy saved on my site.

Of course I could also have those saved in Google Docs or on a drive of some kind as well. I certainly do not have everything where it should be. All of my graphics are simply sitting in Canva. So if Canva disappeared or deleted my content I would not have a lot of it. Which stresses me out, and I should probably take care of that.

And then the second thing to think about is that you don’t need to stress out about diversifying your content from the get go. If you have the space and time into capacity to do so, great. But if you only have time to show up and create content for one platform, that’s fine too. And I would prefer that you really hone in on that one platform for a time being and build a legit audience and community and collection of intellectual property for yourself.

And then make sure you are helping your future self by saving all of that content somewhere. Which I definitely did not do and is why I am going backwards a bit in my process.

So, if you’re building an online business, you will definitely be creating free content of some kind. You will also want to be building an email list. And I have other episodes on that topic. So check those out.

As you create your content, is there a way for that content to be easily re-distributed on another platform?

That’s the idea here. It is not to create five times the content. It is to take one piece of content and spread it across 3 to 4 platforms.

And not every piece of content will fit that criteria. And that’s OK. I just want you to consider and think about how your work can do more for you.

Now, the way to organize this so your head doesn’t explode is to create a content calendar.

A content calendar is something I have used for a very long time in one way shape or form. And it’s something that any blogger, YouTuber, podcast creator, or human who creates content will likely tell you to do.

I like to be at least one month out with my content calendar at least 85% complete. If I can be further out than that, amazing.

It’s important to understand that the content calendar gives you a guide in structure for the content that you need to create in the future. Some people like to create all of it ahead of time. And some people would rather have the content calendar filled out as far as topics and dates that things happen on, but they create that content more so in real time.

I don’t think either is better or worse. I think you need to know which scenario you create the best content in. And what you can adhere to.

This also doesn’t mean that you work ahead of schedule and then take time off. I am essentially always creating content but I’m just one month ahead of schedule. Ideally.

So you may need to be a bit front heavy with content creation in order to get ahead of schedule. And that’s OK. But I do suggest by starting with a content calendar whether you are only creating blog posts, or podcast episodes, or Instagram. Whether you are on one platform, or three platforms.

I think that is a good start for diversifying your content. Start with 1 to 2 main platforms where you can reach the most possible ideal clients. And then look at how that content can be re-purposed on other platforms to get in front of even more people.

And don’t worry about literally any of that, if building your email list is not a part of that equation. Because it needs to be in my opinion.

So, I hope that all of that was helpful or at least got your brain turning for the future if you’re not yet ready to diversify your content. And in thinking about it now you can at least start archiving that content and keeping it somewhere safe so that your life is easier if you want to re-purpose that content in the future.

repurposing and diversifying content with Annie Miller

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