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March 23, 2021

108 | Considerations to Make Before Using IG To Grow Your Biz

 Considerations to Make Before Using IG To Grow Your Biz with Annie Miller

Here’s the deal, Instagram can be great. Platforms are neutral things. We then assign good, bad, or any other label you like to them. IG is literally the ONLY app I personally spend time on. My husband does as well, but he loves him some YouTube. I do not have Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, Facebook, YouTube, or any other app on my phone in regards to social media. If you consider podcasts social media, then I have Apple podcasts as well.

But IG is my go-to for consumption. And with that, I create far more than I consume. We actually had the task amongst some colleagues of mine to estimate how many hours per month we spend researching, creating, interacting, or being on social media. I came in around 40 hours a month. Others were all all the way up to 80 hours per month. It was a scary metric to calculate. I think we “know” how much time we spend on social media…but to get real REAL with yourself is quite nerve-racking. It was for me, anyway. And that was only looking at time as a CREATOR. Not a consumer.

So if you’re looking to or you DO use Instagram as your main social platform to help build your brand, whether online or not, let’s consider some things. Maybe IG is for you. Maybe it’s not.

I’ve talked in previous episodes about starting with ONE platform where you build the bulb of your audience and provide consistent free content. Then creating a web like structure where your content can go further, and live on multiple platforms.

I do believe IG and Facebook are the two superior platforms for building an AUDIENCE. One that interacts on a pretty intimate level for a social media platform. On FB we have groups and pages. Whereas IG is one big pool of humans.

So, I do for sure suggest ONE OF THESE, especially for online brands. I loathe being on Facebook. I only have it for ONE group that I manage. And even then, I check it once per week. I also don’t love being IN FB groups.

I am sure some biz coaches would tell me I am missing out by not being active on FB. Maybe I am. But it ain’t happening. I would much rather use Pinterest to drive traffic to my site and podcasts vs putting time into FB. And hey, maybe I change my mind in the future. I know I will eventually use FB for ads. But that’s it.

This brings me to my first considerations for hosting and growing your brand on IG

Is your niche there?

Do you enjoy the platform as a whole?

AND is there a type of content on the platform that you enjoy doing?

First off, if your niche is not there and you cannot solve their problem through this app, don’t waste your time. Being on IG is not a wise choice for you.

Secondly, yes, you can be present on IG and not enjoy it as a whole. But what’s the payoff? I don’t know. Could your time be better spent on another app? One that you resent less? Enjoy more? Do you have more leverage on another platform? YouTube? Tiktok? FB?

You need to be where your niche is and where you can help them most effectively. AND ideally you enjoy most parts of that process.

Something I love about IG is the context I can provide to my topics and the humanness of it. I think it has the potential for professionalism and humanness which is ideal for a personal brand.

And to the last question in this first section – is there a type of content that you enjoy doing on this app? IG gives you SO. MANY. OPTIONS. There is this common misconception that you have to do it all. That’s just not true. I follow accounts who literally ONLY post memes. Or mostly post IGTV episodes. Shoot, I even follow people who still only post a photo and solid caption.

Does using new features increase chances of growth? Perhaps. But you do NOT have to create all type of content, all the time. When was the last time you saw me post an IGTV or go live? I don’t. I prefer creating short form content, OR teaching in my stories.

Is there SOME kind of content you’d favor or enjoy creating on IG? I ask because you do need to be consistent on the app in order to build trust, and grow. That’s just a fact. Anyone who says it’s not is blowing steam up your ass. Show me an established account of a non-celebrity who wasn’t consistent in their growth process. I’LL WAIT.

If you hate the app, or hate creating content for said app, you’re just less likely to adhere to a social media strategy. Same goes with training or nutrition.

That brings me to the next series of questions/considerations:

What is the ideal frequency for the app? 

Are you going to be able to consistently achieve that?

If not, what might a realistic frequency be for you?

And what expectations go along with that reality?

I mentioned consistency. I think people mistake consistency and frequency. They aren’t the same.

Decide a realistic frequency, and then be consistent. You see?

I am consistent with blogs twice per week, weekly wrap emails once per week, podcasts once per week, daily dose emails every. single. day, IG posts 5-6 days per week, and daily story content.

But that could be an email every two weeks, three IG posts per week, and stories everyday but Sunday. Both are consistent. But have different frequencies.

Most experts will tell you that you need to post everyday. I would not argue against 5-6 days per week, ESPECIALLY if GROWTH is the metric you’re trying to push. If you legit cannot do that, then come up with a realistic frequency – but make sure you have realistic expectations of what that frequency will do for you.

Maybe you post three days per week – make sure they’re bangers if you’re still hoping to push growth. Because that shit will need to be relatively viral. Remember viral is not millions of views. It’s 10+ % of your audience.

I am trying to keep it real with you.

With all of these considerations, also keep in mind that you can generate profit, and use IG to drive people to your email list with ANY NUMBER OF FOLLOWERS. So perhaps 3 days per week and a story presence is all you need. I am all about minimal dose effect, knowing what metrics you’re pushing and showing up with proper intention.

If IG isn’t going to be your platform, what is? Because the same questions should be asked about whatever other platform you choose.

Are your people there?

Do you enjoy creating that type of content or can you outsource it?

What is the demand for frequency?

Can you be consistent with that?

Set appropriate expectations from there.

One of the largest factors in using IG for your biz or brand are the MINDSET and EXPECTATIONS on the app. I recently went over this topic in my IG stories, and it’s what we start with in my IG 101 course. Before we get into content, captions, DM’s, stories or anything else, we address mindset. Because I believe that screws people over more than the algorithm or anything else.

I would hate for you to use your precious time on IG if it’s not where you ought to be to build your biz. If it IS, then I hope this episode helped you in some way shape or form. 

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Until next time, I’m Annie Miller and thank you for listening to the FitsPRO podcast.

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