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February 1, 2022

140 | 4 Simple Tips To Create Content That Converts

4 simple tips to create content that converts with Annie Miller

4 Simple Tips to Create Content that Converts

Something that comes through without fail on my FitsPRO Foundations intake survey is that people struggle with finding ideal clients online and/or converting clients to sales. Which is why it’s important to have content that converts.

We shall dive into pieces of this today. And hopefully you’ll have some level of action to take and apply to ze gram.

And yes, I am specifically talking about Instagram today. So that is what I will be referencing throughout the episode.

You know I’m queen of you don’t have to do “x” to be successful at business.

With that, I only ask you entertain what I have to say; you absolutely are not required to do any of this. Think about how what I share today CAN BE applied to you. Maybe in a different way.

Creating content from your offer

When people say that they have no idea what to post, I get that they might be referring to a lull in inspiration. But if you work with clients in any capacity, or have any level of education and or experience, there is content in your brain. I hope that this episode can help you access it and organize it a bit better. And eventually use that to create content that converts followers into buyers.

One of the easiest ways to create content that directly relates to, speaks to, or helps potential buyers is to pull content directly from your offer. When I say that, I am spanning from your philosophy about coaching or whatever service you offer, to actual methods and tactics that you use within your coaching.

And I suppose that brings up the topic of giving away all of your gold for free. People often times worry about how much free content they should be giving away. But I want you to think about the people that you follow and enjoy the most, and how much free content you have likely consumed from them. Maybe you haven’t purchased from them at all, or maybe you have. And if you have purchased, you can see that what they’re giving away for free is why people are purchasing from them.

Even if you only work with 1:1 clients right now, you have a philosophy and a process. Even if you haven’t clearly defined it. So, I want you to make sure that after this episode you jot down some pillars of your philosophy in coaching or whatever service you offer. As well as sketching out your method. Now in my Fitspro Foundations course we call this the client lifespan or the process.

Remember that we are doing this because we want to be creating content that serves our larger audience, but eventually does get those people who are potential buyers to become clients. Aka content that converts. And that starts with the vast amount of free content that you provide. Which ideally is all in line with what you offer as a business.

Thus, if you are unclear on what it is you do as a business, and the process that you use with your clients, then it makes sense that creating content, let alone content that converts, is very difficult.

So, step one is to get some clarity around your philosophy, your brand story and your coaching tactics or methods.

What are topics that set your offer apart from others, or that you talk about often with your clients? 

This could be something as simple as teaching people how to count macros on a sliding scale. Meaning that you are allowed to just track your protein if you want to and that that can be effective. (or whatever it is that you teach your clients). You likely have a style of training if you are in the fitness room.

For me that is using a main lift, like squat, dead lift, benchpress, overhead press or even a hip thrust or a step up as the main lift. And almost all of my clients are going to do that in some capacity.

I do not use fancy workouts, so many of my pieces of content are going to be “boring” to some people. You’re likely going to see exercise breakdowns, with cues, or different variations. And within that messaging I am sharing my philosophy on the fact that variations can be the “fancy” part of training. Or the fact that you don’t need to change 5 million things from phase to phase of programming.

You can also see here why knowing your philosophy is important but also that you will find your philosophy within analyzing the tactics, the methods, and the approaches that you use with your clients. And if you don’t have clients yet then look at whatever it is you do with yourself because I’m guessing that it’s going to be similar to what you do with your clients if you have a lack of experience so far.

Which leads us to number two…

Talking about your offer

if I could scream one thing from the mountain top, it might be this in regards to entrepreneurs.

Plug your offer way more often than you think you need to. I think people think that talking about your offer is synonymous with selling your offer, and that’s not true. I literally want you to mention your offer more often to bring awareness that it exists among your audience.

Not everyone sees every post, not everyone has been in your audience for two years. You need to consistently talk about your offer so that people know that it exists. You are expediting the “know” portion oh “know” like and trust. Think about how many times you have to see or hear about an offer before you purchase it as a consumer. You can help yourself out by simply mentioning the name of your offer, even if it’s “with my 1:1 clients,” or at ________(enter name of your business.” That’s just one more time that someone has heard or been exposed to what it is that you do and that you have some thing that people pay you for. That’s a goal here.

This is so that when you do begin to open enrollment or ask people to pay you in exchange for a service, they’re not completely blindsided or out of the loop with what it is you’re talking about. They’ve been primed through your free content.

This should be a very organic thing. A more direct manner would be sharing a case study from a client, or sharing a little mini training about a piece of your offer – which is pulled from tip #1 today. And more indirect ways would be to simply mention the name of your offer where it fits organically.

So if I was talking about one of the things I mentioned earlier, using different variations of one lift in order to add some fancy to your training, I would mention that this is an approach we use inside built by Annie. And that’s it there’s no ask, there’s no pressure. It’s simply exposing your audience to the fact that this is what you do with your clients and then it happens within a paid program or service.

Talk about your offer more often. People probably don’t know that it exists.

And I’m sure that you as a consumer can think of five people you follow who you have no idea what they do, and five people you follow who you are very clear on, or have a better idea at least, of what it is that they do and maybe what their offers are. You want to be the latter. Especially if you want to convert people from followers to paying customers.

Next up!

Asking your audience directly 

When I say ask your audience directly, I mean ask them what they want and need from you. What are they curious about? What do they find themselves consistently asking in regards to your area of expertise?

A very large portion of running a brand and or business in the online space is learning your audience. The more effort you put into learning who is in your audience as human beings, the easier it is going to be for you to interact with these people, and create content for them.

So please, make an effort to inquire. This is something that you were going to do throughout your business. So this is not a one time situation or task. You will do this many many times over the years of building an audience. As you should.

You might ask some thing in one way and not get a lot of feedback. So then you simply ask it in another way. But don’t stop until you start to get responses from your audience.

What is their favorite part about pursuing a healthy life? Or what do they get out of a healthy lifestyle?

Have they programs done in the past? If so, which ones?

Who do they look up to in the online health and fitness space? 

What type of Training do they do regularly? 

Do they feel like they know their way around a weight room? 

What would make their life easier in the weight room? 

I reference mainly strength training because that is my personal background. But apply these types of questions to whatever your niche is.

I gave more specific examples, because if you put up a question box that says what contact do you want for me, you are going to get very broad answers. And you don’t need a broad answers. You want to know the nitty-gritty specifics. Which might take some more effort on your part in order to get what you’re looking for out of your audience.

But please don’t expect clarity to just drop out of thin air when it comes to knowing what your audience wants from you. And if you have a really small audience and are unsure if your ideal client is actually in your audience, I suggest thinking about your self in the past, and what it is you were searching for or wanting, or finding helpful when it came to content or learning about whatever your area of focus is.

Lastly –

Having a plan & embrace trial and error

When I say have a plan, I mean when you are actually trying to get people to convert. So everything we’ve talked about this far is about the content itself and being sure that your content is providing value in such a way that people are going to feel comfortable and be eager to purchase more from you.

Let’s take one on one clients and applications for instants. You need to fill three spots for one on one. You know you need to fill them this month. What is your plan for doing that?

Anytime we are launching some thing, opening the doors to some thing, asking people to apply for some thing, getting people off of social media and onto our website in order to have an exchange of money for a service, ideally, the content you have been providing for the last two weeks or so has been in regards to this specific offer for the most part.

You’ve made a priority to be in your Instagram stories showing client progress, or using client case studies, and your content has been hyper valuable on your feed. You’ve been hitting on your philosophy as well as the tactics that you use with your clients.

So that when you do finally open the doors or ask people to apply to work with you, they’re ready.

Also these tactics apply if you have open enrollment all the time and you’re not doing hard open and hard close launches. No matter what we should be providing content that applies to our larger audience and has pulled from our tactics in our philosophy that we use within our business and paid offers.

In a sense this is your sales strategy if we are discussing conversions. What is your current sales strategy for getting people to apply to work with you or to pay for a certain offer? Because even if you think you don’t have a strategy, you do. It just might not be the most effective strategy.

And know that you may need to mention your offer 10 times before someone actually applies to work with you. So maybe someone is clicking the link every time you post about it but it takes them seven times until they actually fill out the application. Now we always want to expedite that process as business owners and get people to convert quicker. But I want to encourage you to continue talking about it even when you feel like you’re repeating yourself. Because you are going to repeat yourself.

With my one on one business clients, one of the first things we do is talk about their offer more often. It’s very simple, but you see higher conversions almost immediately. Especially when looking at one on one.

And frequency is 100% a thing in the online space. We’ve discussed how many times someone may need to be exposed to something before they take action. So while we don’t want to bombard our audience with asking for a sale 24/7; 2 to 3 times a week should be fine if the rest of your content is free, and organically entertaining, or authentic to you – whatever that looks like.

Thus, your homework for this portion of the tips to create content that converts, is to come up with an actual plan of some kind. Get in your stories at least twice per week to share a client case study, or some thing that you have been applying to your work with your clients, to share your philosophy. Something. Some thing that causes you to mention the actual work that you do. And then if you do have open enrollment all the time share the link to apply to work with you with a hard call to action.

As far as feed content goes, just really hone in on building a pair of social relationship with your audience, learning about them, and also learning about your own business, brand and what it is that you bring to this industry through your content.

That’s kind of where the trial and error portion of number four comes from. I just want people to understand that you are in a constant state of trial and error when you are putting out free content. 

You will figure out a flow, your mother categories that you post about, systems that work for you, approaches that work for you and what your most popular, viral worthy the topics are. But you’re never not learning. About the app, about your audience, and about yourself in this process. So if we can accept that you’re in a constant state of trial and error, I think it takes some of the pressure off to check the never ending list of boxes when it comes to the gram.

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