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November 8, 2022

176 | 6 Ways to Spring Your Instagram Back Into Action

176 | 6 Ways to Spring Your Instagram Back Into Action with Annie Miller

As we all know, the Instagram algorithm is forever changing, and they are forever making updates to the app. Which all makes it more difficult to predict how content will perform, and how we can grow on the app. What will get interaction and what won’t, and how to increase it.

Today I am bringing you six different ways to bring your Instagram back to life if you feel like it’s in a bit of a rut. But also please know that you are not alone. Everyone else feels it too. And make note, that often, those who are being the most successful on Instagram are the people telling you how to use Instagram, sharing what audio is trending, or how to use a certain trend. It’s just some thing that I have personally observed and think it’s interesting. So let’s go ahead and dive into the six things that you can do to bring some spark back to your gram.

Before we get into this, I have personally done all of these things several times and seen a change in the app. Whether it be engagement from my personal audience, or what the app is showing me as a consumer.

6 Ways to Spring Your Instagram Back into Action

1.) Go live

This can be a super fun way to just reconnect with your audience. I do not suggest going live with absolutely no plan on a whim. You absolutely can if that is what your heart desires. But you may have more success from an engagement standpoint if you schedule the live and let your audience know when you are going to be live and what topic you are going to be talking about.

Why this can spike engagement or bring people back to your page is because going live bumps you to the very front of the Instagram stories feed. So people who have forgotten that they follow you, or haven’t seen your contact in a while may reengage with your content by viewing your live. It’s worth a try.

If you find that you enjoy going live, make it a weekly thing that your Instagram audience can depend on. I am all for always doing what works and not making things harder than they need to be. If something is working, keep doing it.

2.) Post twice per day

Lower the barrier to entry. I would say post a REELS or continent every single day of the week for a while, or choose maybe four days per week that you are going to post and post twice per day. It just switches up what the algorithm is used to you doing. And it also switches up which areas of your audience might see your content. So perhaps overall engagement looks the same on your morning and evening post, but it’s a different set of people who are seeing the content.

I say lower the barrier to entry because people think that post needs to take 30 minutes to create. And they don’t. Not every post needs to be viral worthy, or jampacked with information. Just commit to getting something out.

3.) Clean out who you follow

This is lovely from a consumption standpoint. But I find that it also changes who sees my content, and who I see on the app. So it’s just a way, again, to change up your experience on the app. It might not have any effect on your audience, but also it might. I have found that it changes up what I see on the app and that intern changes who I engage with, and who engages with me. So I definitely think it’s worth a try regardless.

4.) Clean who follows you

This can be overwhelming if you have 10,000 followers. But take 30 minutes to skim through your followers and clean out accounts that look like thoughts, or you know are not your ideal client. I trust you to be able to identify these things. This undoubtedly switches up the exposure of your content. And I also find that it changes what I see on the app. Going back to the previous comment. That changes who I engage with, and then who engages with me.

5.) Take a week long break

Yes, I am telling you to take a week off of Instagram. By all means, start with a 48 hour break if you wish. This is some thing that I do on a weekly basis and absolutely love it. I implemented that in 2022 and it has been one of the best decisions I have made this year. I was finding that my engagement was super low on Fridays and Saturdays anyway. So why not just take those days off. The devils advocate to that would be that even though my engagement is low on those days, there is potential that I am getting in front of different people on those days than my typical Sunday through Thursday group. Take what you wish from that.

I find that I lose nothing by taking the 48 hour break, and it actually boosts my engagement when I come back on Sundays or Mondays. 

So the take away from the last three points is probably to implement a break of some kind, and increase post frequency on the days that you do post.

6.) Play with a new form of content

Anytime my audience is not engaging the way that I would like them to or feel that they should be, I try and embrace my creativity. I look at how I can post some thing in a different manner. I will post an old graphic in video format, or vice versa. This ideally grab the attention of your audience, but also just changes things up. Would you hope has the effect of people noticing, and interacting with it.

The additional benefit is you exercising your creativity and enjoying the process of getting better at creating content that lands with your audience and ideal clients.

These aren’t groundbreaking tips, but I do hope that they help. They should be very doable, and easy to implement. And there are benefits beyond increasing engagement with all of these. So it’s a win-win either way. If you have friends or colleagues in the field, you can also go live with them in order to get in front of somebody else is audience and an order for them to get in front of yours. This is an old-school marketing tactic for growth known as networking. You may have heard of it. It’s worked for decades and it certainly still works today.

Hope those were helpful, and don’t forget to implement and see what works for yourself.

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