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November 7, 2022

5 Free Instagram Caption & Topic Ideas For Coaches

5 Free Instagram Caption & Topic Ideas For Coaches with Annie Miller

“I don’t know what to say,” “I feel like I’m repeating myself,” “I run out of ideas for posts.” You’re not alone. But also, you’re going to repeat yourself: that’s half the point of building credibility and recognizability. Below you’ll find five caption hooks that I have personally used over the past six plus years on the gram. They’re pretty dang timeless, and based in marketing principles vs dying trends.

If you don’t know your brand voice, or aren’t clear on your ideal client and/or coaching philosophy, these may be difficult for you to use effectively. Carry on.

And now, 5 captions + topic ideas for you:

1 | “You can _____ and ______”

(Make a power statement – combine typically polarizing views. Love your body and want to change it. Count macros and have food freedom. These should be a part of, and in alignment with your coaching philosophy. Not forced or trying to sound like someone else. You should stand firmly behind this kind of statement. And in my opinion, provide the needed nuance and context in the caption.

2 | “3/5/10 FREE ______ just for you”

Whatever makes sense for what you coach – for me this would be cues for an exercise, or captions for IG (the literal post you’re reading). Think “mindset shifts to be productive.” What do people in your audience want and how can you make that attainable for them through bite size pieces of content?

3 | Ask a question your audience often asks or wonders about

  • “Cardio before or after a lift?”
  • “Are my hormones actually the problem?”
  • “Why do carbs get such a bad wrap?”
  • “When should I deload?”
  • “Is it bad to workout when I’m sick?”

4 | “It’s ___ (the year)”

Then proceed to tell a story that applies to your audience. Take them back there. Paint the picture of the journey or experience.

5 | “What nobody tells you about _____”

Proceed to reveal the truths about a topic that is maybe over romanticized in your field. Again, this should be aligned with your approach and coaching philosophy. How can you bring light to a topic that is a pillar in your business? Likely, counter to mainstream?

Hope the caption ideas help. If you dig these, then join my free workshop: 3 steps to build a profitable online health and fitness business, get to it. Good day and Godspeed. Or, stick around for more free content.

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