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October 3, 2017

4 Tips For Beating Sickness #Fluseason


We all know the feeling.

For about three days you feel off, a little on the tired side, not much of an appetite and your workouts suck…Then it hits you.

You wake up and feeling like minions are stabbing your throat, swallowing is a chore and maybe your ears are plugged, or snot is dried to your face.

To start off, let me drop a knowledge bomb.  When we are sick, our body is working on over drive to try and fight whatever it is we’ve come down with.

While most of us lose our appetite, that does not mean we shouldn’t be eating. “But Annie you always say to listen to your body!” I know, buuuutttt…….

Our bodies need the fuel.

In fact, they need more than our resting metabolic rate says we need. WHAT?!?! Yeah, I know.

**Resting metabolic rate is how much energy our body requires if we were to do near nothing throughout our day.  How many calories does our body need to just survive?**

So, eat less than if you were working out that day, but more than your resting caloric need.

What types of foods should you eat?




Probiotics in pill or beverage form, herbal teas, whatever vitamins you normally take, anti-inflammatory foods and spices like oregano, cayenne pepper, and cinnamon.

1. Eat healthy fats like avocado and coconut oil to help repair damaged cells.

2. Drink all the liquids. Not really. If you have a cold, hot tea helps loosen up the mucus membranes and soothes the throat. We are made of water, hi, drink it.  If you add honey to your tea, make sure it is RAW honey.  Organic raw honey should be the only ingredient.  WHY? Because raw honey is lower on the glycemic index (lower in sugar) which means less inflammation + has more nutrients from the bees.  I personally LOVE “Bee-Local” honey.

3. Eat protein like normal and less carbs than usual simply because you are not burning them like when you workout. Your body needs protein to keep muscle mass and build cells. Protein is a building block.  Make sure you’re eating it even if your appetite says NO.  The last time I was sick, my husband whipped up some canned organic low carb chicken noodle soup but added a full chicken breast to the soup so I was getting more protein.  #brilliant.

4. Avoid milk or dairy products simply because they CAN increase mucus production and inflammation. If this is not the case for you, then you get it with that yogurt my friend.

Beyond all the food, REST.  Keep eating and rest. You’ll recover much quicker.

I take Vitamin C, D, B12 and put MCT oil in my coffee. Everyone is different but these are the friends that keep me healthy during the “flu season.”



Again, aside from vitamins, LOW STRESS + SLEEP are the BEST ways to avoid getting sick.


P.S. Do you have some other tips?! I would love for you to leave tricks & remedies in the comments below!


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