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June 6, 2023

206 | 5 Focuses For Entrepreneurs In The Back Half of 2023

206 | 5 Focuses For Entrepreneurs In The Back Half of 2023 with Annie Miller

There are always endless things to focus on has an entrepreneur. I should say that there are always distractions for entrepreneurs. Tasks pulling our attention away from where it should be. Today’s episode will hopefully give you some ideas of where to put your time and energy in the back half of 2023 or whatever year you’re listening this.

5 Focuses for Entrepreneurs

Number one is to define your season

This is imperative. It’s very rare that we are able to constantly be in a season of growth, and a season of refinement, or building, or pushing revenue. It doesn’t mean that these things can’t happen within the same season. But you will likely be more successful if you choose one and focus all of your efforts there.

Those are the four seasons that I suggest looking at. Are you in a backend system refinement season?Are you needing to focus on growth across-the-board? Pushing on social media as well as email list or whatever platforms you are on? Think of this as the top of your funnel. Where do you have a free audience? That’s typically where you will focus. Hope there is that within 3 to 12 months those people become paying clients. Sooner if you have a faster buying cycle funnel.

So, like I said, number one is to define your season, because that will lead into choosing some of these other focuses where it makes sense.

Number two is to focus on you

This might sound silly, but it’s necessary. So often and entrepreneurship, even seven years in, you can find yourself so caught up in seeing what everyone else is doing and it will make you question your own approach. When you didn’t have second thoughts prior to seeing what everybody else was doing. This was may be 15% of my own decision to get off of Instagram for 6 to 8 weeks. I’ve built a business that allows me to do that. And I genuinely enjoy a Instagram, but I needed to either Unfollow, everyone, and bring that number down to zero, or just remove myself from the noise, while I works on projects of my own. I always say put your blinders on. Muting or unfollowing wherever you take in information from colleagues in your field allows you to put those blinders on.

Perhaps you’ve been consuming a lot of content, and whatever season you are in requires action. When we are in seasons of creation, we’re planning, removing distractions can be wildly helpful. So that’s number two, it’s just a focus on you, and these last six months of the year whatever that looks like.

Number three is your numbers!

You’re not gonna like this one. Your numbers. Even if you have utterly failed in the first half of this year tracking your numbers were looking at them, I want you to open yourself to your numbers in the back half of this year.

Profit and loss

Key performance indicators

Don’t let the how stop you. I don’t give a shit if you just create a note in your notes app for now, or use a Google dock or a blank sheet.  When I started it by Annie in 2017 I literally tracked my monthly numbers in my actual paper planner. Like I said, I don’t care how. Just look at your Numbers, and write them down. See what they bring to you.

Number four

Number four – we’re going internal with this one because I think it’s some thing that people sleep on. And you would have more success, more joy, more satisfaction, and likely more profit if you focus on this in your business.

Number four is your offer, or client experience

So often in business we focus on the contact creation, the funnels, all of the details outside of what actually makes us money. Outside of the actual task at hand within our business. And that is serving our clients.

If you’ve never audited your client lifespan (which is something that we go over in detail inside my FitsPRO Foundations course) I encourage you to do this.

You don’t need my course to focus on this in the back half of the year. But if you’d like that guidance, obviously I would love to have you inside.

Look at your onboarding process, the actual contents of your program, the client experience inside, how it can be improved, where, and how you collect testimonies, and how you off board a client. How can you make this easier, more seamless, more, joyful, more personal for your client? 

Number five is focus on frequency

This is specifically if growth is your goal. Focus on frequency. One of my 1:1 business clients recently added 5000 followers to her Instagram in two months. It wasn’t one viral video or swipe post. It was her posting every day or twice a day, letting go of making every post perfect or deciding ahead of time what would go viral and what wouldn’t. Now there is context, because this business client knows her ideal client very well, and she had past content to look through to determine what she really wanted to focus on in order to increase her reach, and therefore her capacity for getting new followers.

Something that she found in the process was that in posting every day she let go of posting at the perfect time, or making the prettiest, most appealing graphics. When you post every day, or at a high frequency, it removes the weight of each post. Which makes sense, because the less often you post the more you depend on each one of those post to do something for you.

I will say that it’s a sprint. And that posting every single day can be a lot. If you do this, lower the barrier to entry. Think about how many single Twitter style graphics get shared, and to go viral.

If you’re posting on YouTube, high frequency would be above two times per week. If you’re posting on Instagram, frequency is going to be at least once per day every day. If you are using Pinterest, you will want to not only post multiple pins per day, but also pay for tailwind so that you can loop pins and they go back to the top of the search. If you’re on TikTok, I would post three per day.

Frequency matters if growth is the goal. This is just some thing, especially on Instagram that you have to except. The lifespan of a post is so short, and each post is more eyes.


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