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October 17, 2023

225 | 6 Tips For Injury Prevention In Strength Training

To be clear, I am not a Physical Therapist. I am simply a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, I have a degree in Exercises Science. This is for educational purposes only. You need to consult with a physician, chiropractor, physical therapist, or some other medical professional to make decisions and your training on pain.

Today’s episode will hopefully bring to light some things you can focus on within your training that may help prevent injury specific to what we can control through weightlifting.

These are in my opinion just generally good practices if you are someone who lift weights and wants injury prevention. Or if you are a coach in the strength, and hypertrophy world.

Movement prep

  • Specific to prepping the joints and muscles used that day. I.e. Bulgarian split squat rock backs before a squatting day, or shoulder cars, or prone wire raises before shoulder press day.
  • If for a one on one client, these movements would be individualized based on assessment and strengthening, weak points.
  • In a templated program, this could absolutely address general issues, we can says, or in balances, that we know people have. I.e. doing tibialis, taps or ankle dorsiflexion work before squat day, or scapular, pull ups or push-ups before benchpress. Generally people like ankle dorsiflexion, and also like control of their scapula.

By focusing on movement, prep and implementing this before, you’re lifting, you might be mitigating possible, weak points in the gaps that you have within muscular and balances as well as movement patterns.


  • simply working at an appropriate rate of perceived exertion. Being sure that whatever load you are working at is not exceeding your capacity for a given movement. Meaning that you can complete all of the reps with proper form and little to no pausing.

Conservative Weight

  • Always start conservative and build
  • Don’t be afraid to drop weight if load, it does happen to exceed capacity
  • Particularly helpful and coming back from injury or a rehab phase. But a general good rule of thumb.


  • I learned the phrase slower down, then up from active life during their immersion course. This goes in almost all of my programming unless there is a specific tempo.
  • The intentional with tempo. Don’t just go through the movements.
  • Can be fast, or slow. But generally we want to control eccentric.


  • actually take it
  • I thought here is avoiding working at challenging loads under fatigue. Particularly true with high central nervous system demand. So larger, compound movements, or explosive movements.

Managing Volume

  • Not within one work out, but phase to phase or week to week.
  • No big jumps, mainly via increasing volume.


  • Prioritize this
  • Where you actually experience the anabolic effective working out
  • Most systems in the body are working to bring you back to homeostasis.
  • If you feel like shit, start your work out as is and see how you feel. If muscles are cramping, or your fatigue, in quicker than usual, back off.

I think it goes without saying that using proper form is probably a good idea. It is not that proper form, automatically mitigate any chance of injury, or even the bad form inherently causes injury. As I mentioned in any position, if tension that we have not experienced exceeds our capacity within that position, we will likely experience injury of some kind .

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