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January 30, 2024

239 | The New Coach’s Guide: From Passion to Profit in the Online Coaching World

239 | The New Coach's Guide: From Passion to Profit in the Online Coaching World with Annie Miller

Today I bring you five specific things to focus on if you’re wanting to build an online business in the world of health and fitness (and bring in a profit!)

I created a workshop in 2020 – 3 steps to build a PROFITABLE online heath and fitness business. 

And named it this for more than one reason… 

Businesses need to not only generate revenue but be PROFITABLE.

Many people think “oh I am just going to start an online business” because perhaps it looks “easier” than other options in life…I can assure you the benefits and possible autonomy are there, but make no mistake it is NOT easier.

And to be very frank, most people won’t be successful. Because most people are not meant to be entrepreneurs. The online world has simply created an allure – the allure that if you’re a coach or practitioner in person, you can do it online with ease and make boat loads of money. LOL False.

Now, with that…I am team, if you think it can happen, and you have what you need to MAKE IT HAPPEN, you can. PERIOD.

So, if that’s you. If you’re driven by the possible freedom and okay with the reality that will be anything but easy, you’re my people.

If the idea of being the creator and the solver of your own problems is more appealing than passing issues to someone else to handle, or worse, solving someone else’s issues, then lets do this.

If it physically pains you to do things someone else’s way when you have a different idea, this might be for you.

If being everything – the social media manager, the email marketer, the web designer, the coach, the accountant and the customer service manager is okay with you, then this might be the right path.

I don’t say these things to scare you away or paint a big black x over your rainbow and butterfly painting. I keep it frank because it’s reality. And I want you to be prepared. Prepare to go from passion to profit in the online space.

So, let’s.

I called this episode the New Coaches Guide but let me be clear…

Not NEW Coach

NEW to the online space.

NEW new coaches should work in person however it makes sense in your area of focus. But ALSOOOOOOO you’re winning if you can do both – build and establish that online presence for FREE while working in person as you strategically and organically make that transition online.

1 – CLARITY on what makes you different – your area of focus – your niche.

Call it what you want. I don’t care.

Find this through ACTION

What made you different in person?

What comes easy to you?

What is your philosophy?

Listen to episode 237 on how to set yourself apart as a do it all coach

ICA avatar creator download

Know your niche content guide.

2 – CONTENT frequency

Messaging becomes more clear

You have a passion – how well do you communicate that online? Put in those reps

Builds dependability, knowability and credibility

Keeps you front of mind – thiiiiiiisssss is profitable 


What do you sell? Who do you help? How? What’s your process? 


Client experience 

Collecting social proof and sharing it


You HAVE to sell your offer. Often in the beginning, without hesitation or doubt. Not that others can see and feel anyway.

You have the least confidence in this phase. But you NEED PROFIT.

Weekly – mentions, and direct sales

Build awareness and welcomeness!

NOT asking people to apply or work with you WILL NOT create profit.


Be in this for the long haul and the daily grind

Remember that frankness we started this episode with? We’re closing it out with the same vibe.

You gotta be here for the process. My most successful fitsPROs are:

Curious about themselves

Curious about their process

Curious about their audience 

Here for the learning and refinement. 

Here for the reps.

They enjoy this. Not EVERY part. But genuinely, the journey.

And THAT + their clarity is WHY they’re profitable.

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