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December 29, 2022

5 Tips For Brand Owners To Manage Your Media Consumption

5 Tips For Brand Owners To Manage Your Media Consumption with Annie Miller

Being an entrepreneur in the online space is fun and free. It can also lead to excessive media consumption or rabbit scroll holes if you’re not careful. In the scroll hole you are unproductive, often compare yourself to others, and waste your own time. These five tips should help mitigate some of that! Have at them!

1. Turn off suggested posts

This is specific to instagram. But on many apps, you are shown ads and suggestions just as much, if not more than you see the content you’re actually subscribed to. It can be annoying, distracting, and undesirable. If there is an option to mute these things, turn them off, or hide them, I suggestion playing with those features. It can take a bit of extra work but I find it helpful for keeping my feeds the way I want them. On instagram I have suggested posts turned off. And on pinterest I hide ads or say I am uninterested all the time. Give it a try!

2. Clean up who you follow

Sweet baby Jesus in Heaven. Clean. It. Up. My friend. We subscribe to different accounts and people for different reasons depending on the season of life. And sometimes, we need to re-evaluate those past decisions. It clears up headspace and literal consumption space. And this does NOT have to pin these accounts you’re unsubscribing from as negative. They simply don’t align with, or serve what you’d like to be taking in at this time. No harm done.

3. Mute colleagues you may love but find yourself in a comparison spiral with

You can mute or unfollow. I understand unfollowing can feel unprofessional or rude if you really do support this person but simply don’t wish to consume their content in order to protect your own headspace. If you can mute or hide someone, take that route. I find this also helps when you’re in a creation funk of your own as a business owner. It puts on your blinders for you so you can focus on YOUR CREATIVE PROCESS AND CONTENT.

4. Follow accounts you enjoy that have NOTHING to do with your niche – curate your own feed so you ENJOY what you see here!

I adore this one. I love getting out of my niche, out of my industry and exploring other areas that are appealing to me – interior design, bloggers, fashion, travel and pottery. Consuming this content brings me joy and that’s the tits.

5. Attempt to spend more time in creation mode than consumption mode.

All of these hopefully help you set down the electronics, turn off consumption mode and get into a creative flow.

Have you done any of these!? I do them all. Bless up.

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