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January 27, 2019

Edinburgh Scotland [four days…in a hotel]

Our Back Story + Verdict

By the time we got to Edinburgh, what turned out to be one of our favorite cities, we were pooped. After galavanting around Europe for nearly eight weeks, we were ready to slow down big time. We had booked a four star hotel through our Chase Sapphire Reserve. You can find it on here. The staff was amazing. We were greeted with a fresh gin and tonic upon arrival, the room was great, and the location of being on the Royal Mile is perfect.

As for our time spent in Edinburgh…for four full days, we slept in, walked the city, ate good food, tasted scotch, and went to bed early. Didn’t take a single photo of ourselves, didn’t take a tour up north, didn’t hike to Arthur’s Seat. We did NOTHING fam.

With that said, this city is like nothing else we’ve seen. It was truly like going back in time. It’s a hilly city, with depth, character and history.

We met up for dinner and drinks one night with a couple we met in Cusco, Peru who live just outside of Edinburgh. The wife is from Edinburgh and told us about a part of the city that is literally “a city under the the city.” I guess they built roads, foundation and the current city right over the top of the old one. I have no clue if the old portion still functions, but I would 100% check this out if we go back.

I should mention, we decided on day one in Edinburgh that we’d love to come back for a longer period of time. Ideally when we’ve not been on the go for two months. I would love to go up north, explore more of Edinburgh, and definitely hike to Arthur’s Seat. All things we could have done this go-around, but our hotel room was calling our names.

Little Details

In addition to the city being pleasant, the people are SO NICE; and listening to them talk is fascinating. Well, it was to us anyway. The Scottish accent is so distinct, and everyone we spoke to talked a million miles a minute. It was awesome.

It’s worth mentioning that Edinburgh is expensive. But somehow we didn’t mind because the city and people were just so great that somehow it felt worth it.

Alright! That’s the recap. Now, here are pictures of this gloriously gorgeous city that is Edinburgh, Scotland in the fall. It was brisk but sunny almost everyday. Which didn’t hurt.

Although you wouldn’t know by these photos, we were in Edinburgh leading up to Halloween. Again, we were not up for a late night tour, but there were several haunted or even just history tours during after hours. Probably worth checking out that time of year.

You can do SO MANY tours in and from Edinburgh. Hotels have all the information you could need and there are tourist offices as well. I highly suggest doing a scotch tasting. And if you have been in Ireland as well, it can be fun to compare Irish Whiskey to Scottish Whisky (Scotch).

I cannot see how someone would dislike Edinburgh. Maybe if you don’t like the wind or brisk weather. But it’s still worth visiting in my opinion. It’s a truly unique and beautiful city which I hope you get the chance to experience some day.

Up Next

Edinburgh was our last stop on our fast track around Europe. We covered Rome, Santorini, Cinque Terre, Pisa, Florence, Bologna, Split, Dubrovnik, Kotor, Ljubljana, Hallstatt, Grindelwald, Bruges, Brussels, Amsterdam, Western Ireland, Dublin, and Edinburgh. See all January 2019 blog posts for those bad boys + some of South America!

Now it’s onto ONE MONTH IN BUDAPEST! From Budapest we took a mini road trip to Ljubljana, Prague and Vienna. That’s all coming up next! Stay tuned!

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