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January 26, 2019

Three Day Ireland Road Trip [Killarney, Galway & Dublin]

For us Pacific Northwesterners, the gloomy, cold, and wet country of Ireland felt like home. As far as our hour months in Europe, we were pretty freaking excited for renting another car and driving around Ireland. Specifically the Ring of Kerry.

Killarney & Ring of Kerry

We flew from Amsterdam to Dublin, picked up our car straight away and drove directly from Dublin to Killarney. As far as rental cars go, we rented via Auto Europe three times and it was always a great experience.

We really had no expectation of Killarney. It was bigger, and cuter than I was expecting. Truthfully we were only here for the night. We took off the following morning to drive the Ring of Kerry and hit up the Cliffs of Moher before settling in Galway for the night.

On the drive from the Ring of Kerry to the Cliffs of Moher, we stopped of in a TINY seaside town for the best fish and chips we’ve ever had and a pint of beer.

Our navigation then led us to a ferry dock, where we arrived just in time to be the last car on. A short ride across the water, and we were back on the road towards the cliffs.

Cliffs of Moher

God did something special when he made the Cliffs of Moher. So simple, but so beautiful. Pictures don’t do it justice. Even with the wind nearly knocking me on my arse, the setting is so peaceful. It’s like the cliffs welcome the high winds with grace. I can’t even explain it.

Although we could have spent hours here, we were rapidly losing daylight and we still had to drive to Galway.

You can hike, and walk around the surrounding areas. We plan do come back in the future to spend extended time in Ireland, hopefully.

Dublin Ireland

We drove from Galway to Dublin early in the morning. We only had one FULL day in Dublin so we wanted to get a sneak peek the evening we arrived from Galway.

For reasons I will try to explain, we loved Dublin, Ireland. The people are SO NICE, yet up front and straight forward. The food options are great. And it just had a warm and welcoming feel about it. I have never believed more in the “feel” of a city than after traveling the world for eight months.

Architecturally it doesn’t have much going on when compared to other European cities. But we also didn’t expect that. We went to Ireland as a whole, for the beauty of the country side. Dublin was just the start and end point.

But I won’t complain about getting a Guinness at the world famous Temple Bar, eating some of THE BEST ice cream I’ve ever had and listening to Irish people speak.


I haven’t mentioned where we stayed! In Killarney we stayed at a little b&b for a total of 9 hours over night. Breakfast was great and so was the host. The rooms were okay, but can’t say much with having spent only a few waking hours there. We booked through In Galway we had an amazing fully furnished apartment that I would easily live in for a month. You can find it here, on We stayed in a crappy airbnb in Dublin. It looked way better in the photos. So I’ll spare you. The location however, was great.

As with most locations, you can find SOMETHING that works for your needs and hopefully your budget.

We would love to come back to Ireland. Three full days is not nearly enough time to enjoy this country for all it’s worth. So until next time, it’s north to Edinburgh, Scotland. We’re almost finished!

  1. lee says:

    What was the name of the seaside town for the best fish and chips ever? Where was the ferry to and from? Was Killarney to Galway in day easy enough or too rushed? how long did it take? thanks!

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