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January 18, 2018

Free Workout Friday #17: Legs in Seville


We out here working out legs in Spain my friend. Not really in Seville today. BUT this was a killer leg workout we did on vacation in the HOT southern city of Seville.

The great thing about working legs is that you can get a good cardio effect as well. When you work big muscle groups, it is easier to get your heart rate up and burn more calories (not a bad deal on vacation).

You don’t need any equipment for today’s workout.

There is a lot of single leg work in this one, so balance may be a limiting factor as well!

Your legs are going to be burning with all this unilateral work.  Make sure to tell me how it goes if you try it.

See video for demo below + sets and reps.

Brought to you by the #quadsquad

Perform a tabata of each exercise (8 rounds of 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest – totals 4 minutes)

Alternate legs every 20 second interval since all exercises are single leg.

Back Foot Elevated Split Squat >> keep whole foot on the ground. Play with stance, foot further forward will get more glute. Foot further back will get more quads. Sit low my friend.

Reverse lunge plyos >> CONTROL + EXPLODE. If the jump is too much, just do the reverse lunge with a knee lift and no jump.

Single leg lateral hops >> keep that knee between your pinky tow and pointer toe. Don’t let the knee cave in. Hello balance.

Single leg RDL + knee raise >> soft knee the whole time, bellybutton and big toe stay facing the floor at the bottom.  Keep a straight line from heel to shoulders. Drive knee to parallel at the top.

Pistol squats >> you can do these assisted if you like. Or do them to a bench/chair for a spot 🙂


Any of these exercises with no weight are also a great burner at the end of a lift if you don’t plan to do these as an at home workout.  Your legs will love/hate you if you tack on reverse lunge plyo’s after your leg day.


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