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January 15, 2018

How To Give Less Care’s in the Gym + Why it is Vital for Your Growth

How to give less care’s in the gym + Why it vital for your Growth


I am coming at you with some tough love today sister.

This post is based on an instagram post where I broke down how to set up the barbell hip thrust. In the post I said, “Don’t feel like an idiot. You’re not an idiot.”

The response was clear. Women were self conscious and unsure about how to set up a certain exercise. They knew how to perform the exercise, but weren’t confident in setting it up.

I both understand this and urge you to let those feelings happen, but still take action. I would hate for you to not fulfill your potential out of fear of judgment or looking stupid or like a newbie.

Let me intervene here to say that I am not referring to incidents when you are concerned with hurting yourself because you don’t know the proper technique for something.


Be confident in your ability to figure it the frick out and learn on the fly {see, tough love}

Try different set ups!  Try different approaches. Even if someone is in fact judging you, you aren’t going to know! Oh the freedom!

Let them judge all damn day girlfriend.  You’re too busy getting your strength gains and building your exercise arsenal.

My set up for several exercises changed when I moved gyms. Every time I moved, the set up had to change because the equipment I had access to was different; from the college setting, to LA fitness, to my work gym, to Gold’s gym.  Four different gyms, four different set ups.

I discovered the set up I shared on instagram via a combination of what I saw two girls doing at Gold’s and a set up I saw on instagram. You better believe I too creep on people for new exercise ideas and set ups.

You won’t always get it right the first time.

Girl, you should have seen me the first AND LAST time I tried to hip thrust using the hamstring curl machine (it was not a good fit). I totally knew people were judging or questioning what in everything holy I was trying to do. OH WELL. I am pretty sure I am still alive and my life was not affected by the incident.

Even if an exercise or set up attempt doesn’t work out, you will be that much closer to figuring it out. Yes, it is nice when someone posts a set up or clarification on a social media platform.  But please don’t wait for that to happen. Don’t put your strength and technique gains on hold because you are unsure or afraid to look-a-fool in the gym.  You are there for YOU, sister.

So give less cares about messing up, failing or looking stupid. I PROMISE you will NOT regret it.  I am here to give you permission.  Try a new set up, try a new exercise.


Have a thought or experience? Let me know below! I want to hear from you! Drop me a line and let’s chat!


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